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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


A. Bischoff.

A. Bischoff & Co, Agents, 112 Bath Street, Glasgow.


Mr A. Bischoff, of Messrs. A. Bischoff & Co, founded the business in 1881, having premises at 112 Bath Street, Glasgow. He started an agency firm for the sale of the famous Pilsner Lager Beer of Haake's Brewery, Bremen, the Christiansands Large Beer Brewery, Norway and the Culmbacher Beer from Bavaria. These beers were specially suited for the high class trade. Haake's Pilsner Beer was particularly commanding a large sale in principal public houses and hotels throughout Scotland.

Believing in the old latin maxim, Ne suitor ultra crepidam, Mr Bischoff still confined his attention to the lighter class of liquor and good business tact, combined with the knowledge of the trade had secured for him the confidence of a large trade connection.

The oldest Lager Beer agent in the trade, Mr Bischoff devotes his time and energies to the personal conducting of his large business, customers were assured their orders received personal attention. While he sells the well known English Devonshire Cider he also imports American Champagne Cider of Messrs Rogers & Son, New York.


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