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Act One.


Act One bar Bellshill

In the NEWS 1978...

Charity begins in the pub...

Charity, more than £100 of it, poured from the bottle last night at the Act One pub, Bellshill.

The money was collected in an eight-pint whisky bottle after customers learned that a collection box had been stolen from the bar just before Christmas.


The collection box was the property of the Gardenside Senior Citizens Club and there were only a few pounds in it when a sneak thief slipped out of the bar. Last night as vice-president of the club John Welsh (74), broke the bottle with a hammer, he said: "This is marvellous, £100 will go a long way in providing entertainment and even an outing in the summer for our members.

"We thought we were only going to get about £5 but I understand that the bar staff put the pressure on their customers for all their loose change and the bottle was filled in record time.

"we can't thank them enough."


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