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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Alexander F McPherson.

Licensed Grocer, Oatlands, Glasgow.

Mr Alexander McPherson

Mr Alexander F McPherson. 1888.

Mr Alexander McPherson opened a licensed grocery business in Oatlands in the south side of the city. His father was a gardener at Craig Barnet, near Campsie Glen, young Alex also worked in the same line at Lennox Castle before working in the King's Store, Milngavie.

One of his greatest success was in the blends of whiskies, selected from the best distillers, which were matured in sherry casks. He used to advertise that his nourishing "Medicinal" blend was successful for invalids.

Alexander. F. Macpherson

is an estimable person,

But to praise him in a song I don't intend;

Though he sells good Port and Sherry,

On the Clyde, at Oatlands Ferry,

I will only praise his "Medicinal Blend."


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