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Alexandra Hotel.

Esplanade, Oban, Argyll.

The Alexandra Hotel was situated on the esplanade within its own ground, on the north side of the bay of Oban. It was established in 1870 and accommodated one hundred guests. The hotel had many beautiful paintings and was frequented like all the Oban hotels by tourists.

In the coffee-room a specious apartment on the ground floor, was a painting of great value by Sir George Reid, president of the Scottish Academy; Hugh Cameron, R.A.; David Cox, Colin Hunter, Paul Chalmers, P. Graham, (who got £800 for his last Academy picture,) David Murray, Horatio McCulloch, surely a list of names to the delights of art lovers and connoisseurs.

James McGregor Manager of the Alexandra Hotel Oban 1895

Manager Mr James Gregor. 1895.

There were two grand apartments unique in their way in Scotland. These were the ladies drawing-room, a perfect dream of what a lady's dainty taste would desire, the selection of the colours, and, in fact, everything, of the smallest detail, betokening thoughtful care and cultivated good taste. A cabinet in this room containing curious and very valuable articles of vertu.

The Smoking-room was decorated with old armour, a perfect Elderado to the antiquary; whilst, rarer still, one side of the room was devoted to coats of arms and heraldry, amongst which was an ancient herald's coat, beautifully made of silk, with the white horse of Hanover woven upon it.

Everything that modern science can suggest for the comfort and convenience of its patrons was to be found in this magnificent establishment, while its design, situation, and architectural arrangements leave nothing to be desired.

Mrs McArthur, the worthy and well-known proprietrix took an active part in the running of the hotel and she was assisted by Mr James Gregor as manager who so ably filled his responsible position here for over nine years.

Knowing his business thoroughly in every detail, a modest, retiring, courteous gentleman, Mr Gregor was certainly the right man in the hotel and was enviably popular with many guests and towns-people, merchants and tradesmen with whom he came in contact with.


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