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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Archie's.

12 Waterloo Street, Glasgow. G2 6JX Tel: 0141 221 3210.




Now called L'Attache. 2007 Tel: as above.


Arches date unkown. Do you know?

Also see Arches, Argyle Street.


In the NEWS 1979...

Archie's Got The Lot... drinks, meals, coffee, gateau.

interior of Archie's 1979

Interior view of Archie's 1979.

Girls, the next time your better half says he's going to Archie's don't think he's dropping in on an old pal. The chances are he'll be sampling the hospitality of Glasgow's latest lounge bar, Archie's in Waterloo Street.

Archie's opened only 2 weeks ago, but already it's become a favourite spot for businessmen at lunchtime and, later, theatregoers.

That's not really surprising, because the pub not only offers cosy surroundings but a selection of fine foods.

The Beard family who own Archie's, they also own the Busby Hotel, have spent almost £70,000 on the premises, which used to be the Garrick, and it is money that has been well spent.


Only real material have been used in the interior design of the pub. The walls are covered with wood panelling and stone and much of the scating is made from cane which has been specially stained down it fit in with the rest of the decor.

Mr J. R. Notman, a Glasgow-based architect, was in charge of the interior design and it was he who chose some beautiful old prints of Glasgow for the walls of the pub.


But where Archie's really scores is the fact that it serves food from 12.15 right through to 10 o'clock at night. Archie's opened only 2 weeks ago, but already it has become a favourite spot for lunch time businessmen and pre-theatregoers.

The menu varies from a selection of super salads to dishes like chicken a la king or curry. There is also a selection of starters, with delicious gateau to finish off your meal.

"Although we serve meals we would be more than pleased if someone came in simply to have a coffee and a piece of gateau," said a family spokesman. "And the fact that we are serving food, virtually all day means that a customer can come in at any time and be guaranteed a meal," he added.

The Beard family know that some of their customers won't have a lot of time to eat, especially at lunchtime, and so they have installed handy shelving round the main lounge area where customers can eat a quick snack.

Archie's is open from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. So, Girls, the next time your husband says he's going to Archie's, go with him and enjoy a really good evening out.

Archie's advert 1979

Archie's advert 1979.


Archies was a favourite haunt of staff from Britoil in the mid 1980,s when they had an office in Cadogan St (before the move to the big office at 301 St Vincent St). Specially popular as the Archie Equation was used by oilfield petrophysicists to calculate the amount of oil present in a rock. The initial plans to found the Glasgow Hash House Harriers in 1985 (now celebrating its 1500th run tomorrow (2nd June 2013) were made in the basement bar in Archies between myself and Mark Simpson. Sent by Roger McIIroy. 1/06/2013.


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