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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Atholl.

134 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3AU.Tel: 01413322541.

Atholl Arms

The Atholl. 1990s.

In the 1920s this was known as The Criterion Restaurant.

In 1931 John McDougall took over, for many years John was licensee of the Empire Buffet Bar in West Nile Street. On the death of Mr McDougall the licence was transferred to his daughter.

The Atholl has been set on fire a few times since, but its now a trendy café bar in close proximity of the Pavilion Theatre and the Glasgow Herald and Evening Times office.

During the Second World War Miss McDougall was Licensee, the Atholl Arms as it was then known filled thirty four collecting boxes for the Navy League Comforts Fund, a total of £102 2 shillings and 6 pence was raised. This was due to the grand work of Mrs Edith Cane, she worked in the Atholl for many years.

On the outbreak of the war Mrs Cane was serving as a stewardess on the British liner which was sunk by an enemy surface raider while on route for India. When the Captain ordered ABANDON SHIP the enemy continued to fire, shelling many of the lifeboats killing and wounding many soldiers.

During the six days and nights on the lifeboat Mrs Cane attended the wounded and for her outstanding services she received the Brave Conduct Badge and the Oakleaf Emblem.

Before the war Mrs Cane was employed by Mr Matthew Hendry, in the Wellington Bar, Wellington Street.

The Wellington Bar was opposite the old Waterloo Rooms and next to the famous Alhambra Theatre.

When she went to sea Mr Hendry and the customers presented her with a gold watch which she unfortunately lost on her thrilling wartime voyage.


interior of the Atholl Arms

The Atholl Arms was refurbished in 1968. The first pint was pulled by comedian Johnnie Beattie.

Exterior view of the Atholl Arms 1960s

The Atholl Arms 1960s.


In the NEWS 1978...

Atholl Arms interior 1978

The Atholl Arms in Renfield Street is a typical Glasgow pub with a warm and cosy atmosphere. The pub was closed for two months while it was given a complete face-lift inside and out, and reopened just under two weeks ago.

Mr Sandy Chalmers has been mine host at the Atholl Arms for twelve years now and takes pride in being on first name terms with all his regular customers. He is particularly pleased with the interior decoration of the pub and feels that the warm red upholstery makes customers feel really at home.

The Atholl Arms has always provided snacks, and this service has been reintroduced since the pub reopened.


Atholl 2007

The Atholl. 2007.


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