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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Blythswood.

5 Blythswood Street, Glasgow.

Blythswood Bar

The Blythswood Bar was facing the olf toilets in Blythswood Street just off Argyle Street.

Blythswood Street was formerly called Mains Street and the pub here was called the Black Bull.

This was a very old establishment dating as far back as at least the 1870s. The landlord then was a Peter McGregor. In 1895 James Nicol acquired the premises.

James McNicol was born in Saline, near Dunfermline, he finished his education at Dollar Academy. He served his apprenticeship to the time honoured profession of a druggist. He came to Glasgow around 1880 and was employed by Thomas Bennet, Crosshill, a well known and respected wine & spirit merchant. Young James started out as a salesman then to manager, he only left his employment to start on his own at the old Black Bull, Mains Street. As a result of his hard work in Crosshill, he was presented at his new establishment with a gold albert and appendages which was inscribed "Presented to Mr James Nicol as a mark of esteem on his leaving Crosshill to commence business on his own behalf, May, 1895.,"

The old pub was called the Blythswood Bar in the 1960s and was demolished around 1963 shortly after this photograph was taken.


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