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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The New Camp Bar.

529 Garscube Road corner of 2 Camperdown Street, Glasgow.


The New Camp Bar

The New Camp Bar. 1970s.

There has been a public house on this spot since the 1860s. One of the first names this pub had was the Oakbank Spirit Vaults, the pub was situated next to the Oakbank School at the corner of Barr Street intersects as it was then known.

Mr H Robertson was proprietor in 1863 and traded at number 343 Garscube Road, the numbering of the street changed through time. By the 1870s wine and spirit merchant John Peacock was landlord and served the locals until 1901. Mr Peacock was a good businessman he also owned pubs at 64 North Woodside Road corner of 64 Lyon Street and the Old Basin Vaults, 58 Old Basin which he took over in 1886. John Peacock owned the premises on Garscube Road and sold up in 1901.

Another prominent figure in the Scottish Licensed Trade John Higgie then took over the pub. Mr Higgie lived at 6 Doune Gardens before moving to 2 Oxford Drive in Kelvinside in 1903. John Higgie was also a traveller for the Greenhead Brewery and in 1909 became one of the directors of Steel, Coulson. Ltd., the other director was Simon Cameron. Mr Higgie ran the Oakbank Spirit Vaults until the end of the First World War.

In the 1930s Archibald Hay was running the pub with the help of his wife, Archibald died in 1933, his wife then took over the running of the business and continued as licensee until the 1960s.

Many will remember this old pub as the Camperdown Bar and the New Camp Bar which was run by Murdoch MacKenzie until the pub was demolished in the that 70s.

Allan Rough famed Scottish Goalkeeper owned this pub for a while and renamed it the Goal Post Bar.

Alan Rough Advert

Alan Rough's Bar, the Goal Post Advert.

Alan Rough got his training in a well-known city centre pub.


In the NEWS 1979...

If ALAN drops a clanger...

Doug Rough 1979

It might have been a nightmare at Hampden last night for Scotland goalkeeper Alan Rough, but brother Dough showed today that at least the family are keeping their sense of humour.

Dough is the look-alike relative who runs Alan's pub in Maryhill and he is getting just a bit fed up with fans coming in and asking for his autograph. So he decided to make it clear that he is his own man, and not the player who one his record equalling 28th cap for Scotland against Austria.

Scotland, if you haven't heard by now, dropped a vital point in the European Championship match they really had to win to give them a real chance of qualifying for the finals in Rome, and it was a goal keeping blunder by Rough which cost Scotland a point.


And to make Alan's night worse, he chose to turn up at his pub last night just as the match came up on Television. Said brother Dough, pictured above as he looked at a shot of the Hans Krankl goal which followed Alan's boob, "It certainly was an unfortunate time to come in for him.

"He had to take a lot of stick from the regulars when they saw the Austrian goal. I felt sorry for him, but he has been brave and honest enough to admit the blame. What more can he do?"

Dough, however, has no sympathy for the twist of nature which made him a dead ringer for the Partick Thistle man who is only one match away from becoming Scotland's most capped keeper.

"It has been going on for ages," he said. "And I must say it does get boring after a while. People keep asking me for my autograph when they come into the pub for the first time.

"But I suppose I will have to put up with it."

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