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In the NEWS 1976...

Carmunnock plaque 1790

A plaque on the wall of a restored house in Kirk Road. It depicts a couple in modern-style dress and of the 1790 period, when the house was built.

Carmunnock preserves old-world character.

Amenity and preservation societies aren't just composed of people living in ivory towers.

A few years ago the village , which claims to be the only "village" within Glasgow District Council area, was rent by a dispute over an extension to a public house, and also the existence of two public houses in the village.


The records of the preservation society on this controversy make interesting reading. They note that in 1963 planning permission for a second storey to a public house was granted. After it was built the society considered "the building completely dominated the church and could only be described as the negation of planning."

Unexpectedly the society got another chance. The public house was destroyed by fire in March, 1965, and the preservationists promptly told the planning committee that this offered an opportunity "to redress their earlier deplorable decision."

The committee paid heed and the site was then taken over by Carmunnock church, with help from the society. It is now an attractive garden enhances the setting of the church.


Carmunnock has always had close links with the farming community, but past generations of village women got extra money by taking in washing from Glasgow. They used the High Green for the bleaching and drying of the clothes.

The village is now a good "mix" of council and private housing, with the preservation society successfully combating efforts to build housing on the green belt, and continuing their efforts to keep the village attractive.


In the NEWS 1979...

Village Doesn't Want A Pub...

Carmunnock residents don't want a pub in the village.

The village is designated a "limited area" for licensed premises and a survey has just been carried out. Results showed that only 33 residents wanted more licensed premises, while 407 wanted the availability of liquor in the area to remain limited.

Following violence and vandalism in the village the local pub was closed seven years ago.

Glasgow District Council will now study the results before making any decisions.


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