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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Clachan.

183 Baillieston Road, Glasgow. G32 0TN.Tel: 01417716008.



The Clachan. 1991.

The Gay and Cosy Clachan as it was advertised when the pub opened in 1964. Owner Mr Gillies owned a pub in Main Street, Bridgeton before taking over the new premises.

The upper storey of the new building is where he lived with his wife. The pub was brightly coloured with tiles on the exterior and interior of the lounge. Walnut panelling, red curtains, a mural and plush red carpet furnished the new lounge. Heating in both the bar and lounge was provided by means of central heating which was filtered downwards through small holes in the ceiling.

clachan interior

Mr & Mrs Gillies third and second from the right with members of staff. It took over seven members of staff to run this popular new pub in Garrowhill.

interior of the clachan

Interior view of the new lounge.

group photo of publicans 1972

Left to right Mr. and Mrs. T. Docherty; Mrs. J. Lindsay (Dick's Bar, Gallowgate); and Mrs. and Mr. A. Gillies (The Clachan.) 1972.

Clachan 2005

Exterior view of the Clachan August 2005.


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