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Councillor McQueen.

The Criterion Vaults, Rothesay.


Councillor McQueen

Councillor McQueen. 1887.

Mr D W McQueen was born and bred in Greenock but spent most of his life on one of Scotlands best known holiday resort the Island of Rothesay. After an apprenticeship with a wine firm in London, Mr McQueen graduated with the eminent firm of Messrs. R Thorne & Sons, Greenock, whom he represented through the Western Highlands and settled down as a full blown boniface in Greenock, where he resided until he came to Rothesay in 1876.

Mr McQueen had previously been in business for many years in London and Liverpool. He had also crossed the Atlantic, residing in New York and other busy centres in the new world, but he got tired of America and came back to Scotland.

Mr McQueen was always a very busy man, he was one of the original committee when the National Defence League was formed and always took an active and prominent part in the proceedings of that Association. He was also involved in the press and had a popular column "What the Folks are Saying" in the mid-weekly Rothesay Express. He kept in touch with the newspaper men especially in the summer months as the Criterion was the favourite haunt of the press.

Mr McQueen was a popular Town Councillor, he was a great public speaker and always took a keen interest in Town affairs.


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