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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Regent.

577 London Road, Glasgow. G40 1NE. Tel: 0141 556 1114.


The Regent

The Regent. 1991.

Before the railway took over this site there used to be a public house on the site dating back to 1867. During the 1870s William Arbuckle occupied the premises.

William Arbuckle was born in Glasgow in 1844, he married Helen Armour daughter of a well known publican in the east end of the city who had pubs in Broad Street, Stevenson Street, King Street Calton and Main Street, Bridgeton. They lived with their 3 sons and 2 daughters at Morris Place not far from their pub.

William died in his early 40s at which time Helen took control of the business, when she died in 1906 their second eldest son Hugh took over the licence paying an annul rent of £110.00.

When the railway company took over the surrounding ground a new pub was erected for the Arbuckle family. Mrs William Arbuckle took over the licence during the 1920 and the pub stayed in the family until the 1930s.

Mrs Mary Russell Robertson then took over the certificate and ran the pub for over 20 years she also ran a pub in St. Vincent Street.

The pub is now a rangers shop and has been so for many years, over the past 15 years it has closed down a few times. The pub is now opened under a different name the Crimson Star.

Crimson Star

The Crimson Star, photo taken August 2005.


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