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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan



466 Paisley Road, Glasgow. G5 8RE. Tel: 01414290176.



Cullen's. 1991.

Over the years this pub has had many name changes. Cullens was named after owner James Cullen. The last I passed it was called the Saltire.

However it was originally known as The Pavilion for many years. This was one of the very few restaurant bars in the area and was very busy in its time. Situated near where the Glasgow and Govan car lines converged this was a thriving location were businessmen would meet for luncheons.

In 1886 John Bennett was licensee, he belonged to the Bennett family who owned many pubs in Kinning Park and Govan he also owned another pub just up the road at 480 Paisley Road.

In 1890 Hermann Schnake took over the restaurant but only lasted a short while. By 1893 Mr Middleton was running this pub, as you entered the premises there was a the main bar with a private room, to the left a spacious and roof lit dining saloon and to the rear a well furnished smoking room and lavatory.

Another prominent licence holder for the premises was Jack Morrison, Jack came from a family of publicans, his father John Morrison owned Morrison's Bar's on Clyde Street and Shamrock Street.

Jack went into his father's pub to learn the trade in 1928, two years later he became manager of the Shamrock Street premises. In 1938 he acquired the Pavilion Bar. When war broke out he joined the R.A.F., and was invalided out two years later. Jack was a keen sportsman, he held trophy's for tennis, football, cricket, bowling, swimming and golf. He was a member of the Eastwood Golf Club, St Mungo Club, which his father was captain, the Twenty Club and the Glasgow Licensed Trade Club. In his spare time he took up photography.

In 1953 Glasgow pubs where allowed to have Television sets.

Glasgow Public House owners can, if they wish, install television sets in their premises, it was announced yesterday by the Glasgow Licensing Courts. But they must adhere to three conditions, that the sets be installed in rooms approved by the Chief Constable and not in Public Bars, that normal lighting be retained in the rooms, and that the sets be under the control of the licensee or his staff.
Two former Scottish Footballers, Torrance Gillick and Douglas Gray, were granted Public House licences by the court- Gillick for premises at 41 Brandon Street, and Gray for premises at 464 Paisley Road.
Glasgow has now one public house and two licensed grocer shops fewer than last year. The number of licensed premises in the city is 1350- 1068 Public Houses, 246 Licensed Grocers, two wholesale dealers in Spirits, Wines and Beers.

Douglas H Gray was born 4 April 1905-1972.

Better known as Dougie Gray who spent his entire senior career with Rangers Football Club. Born in Aberdeen (Alford), he joined Ibrox from Aberdeen Mugiemoss in June 1925. He played Full Back, playing for 490 times between 1925-1947.

Update 2007.

The pub has a new title above the door., "the Quayside," the pub has had a total refurbishment inside and out and looks great. The premises have never been so up market and modern. The owner is trying to attracted the upper class in the area with all the new flats being built around the pub. In short this is probably one of the best pubs to have a quiet drink. The owner was very pleasant when I called at the pub.

Thanks for the email... Cullens Bar, Paisley Road, after Dougie Gray's it was called Maggies Place. It was then taken over by the Ellis brothers and renamed the Wedgewood.

Quayside Bar

Quayside. 2007.

Quayside sign

Quayside interior

This old established was was formerly the Mail Box. 1980s.

Mail Box

The Mail Box. 1980s. Probably named after the Post office sorting office which was near by.


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