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David Turner.

Family Baker, cook, and confectioner, 37 Winton Terrace, Crosshill, Glasgow.
Mr David Turner

Mr David Turner. 1890.

In 1889 Mr David Turner opened premises at 37 Winton Street, Crosshill on the south side of Glasgow, as a family baker, cook and confectioner. Bred to the business he had a good taste for food and trained in some of the best establishments in Glasgow, including sixteen years as manager, "below stairs" for the well known firm of Messrs. Ferguson & Forrester, Buchanan Street.

Mr Turner was an artist in cake baking, he made wedding, christening and birthday cakes. Probably the largest and most expensive cake over made in the country was baked by him, it cost fifty five pounds ten shillings and weighing over three hundred pounds and was sent all the way to Buenos Ayres. Another large cake was made in the shape of the famous steam-hammer "Sampson" of the Parkhead Forge and was exact in every detail, not forgetting the workmen all at their posts.

Christmas buns were a large trade which were sent all over the country and abroad. Real calves-foot jelly, for invalids, was also in stock. Mr Turner handled exclusively the "Salutary" bread which had received a most flattering commendatory criticism from J Miller Fothergill, Esq., M.D., the well known author of "The Food we eat: why we eat it, and whence it comes," and several other works on food and health.


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