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Edinburgh Licensees.

Visit Harp Lager Brewery.

Edinburgh Licensees group 1974

A party of Licensees from Edinburgh visited the Harp Lager Brewery, where they were welcomed by Mr. T. Doherty, sales manager, Scotland and N. E. England, Harp Lager, accompanied by Mr. W. Scott, area sales manager, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd.

Pictured at the Brewery are: Mr and Mrs. I. Robertson, Epicure Restaurant; Mr. & Mrs. C. Martin, Green Tree, Cowgate; Mr. & Mrs. T. Miller, Copper Top, Lothian Road; Mrs. Batchelor and Mr. T. Morgan, Laws Stores Ltd; Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Valvona, Sands Hotel, Esplanade Terrace; Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Young, Hotel McCann, Roseberry Crescent; Mr. & Mrs. I. Mitchell, 30/31 N.W. Circus Place; Mr. & Mrs. C. Boyd, Burke & Hare, High Riggs; Mr. & Mrs. R. Patterson, Ellwyn Hotel, Moira Terrace; Mr. A. Stevenson, Persevere, 398 Easter Road; Mr. & Mrs. D. Burgess, Carabene Hotel, Peel Terrace; Mr. & Mrs. T. Dick, ABC Cinema, Lothian Road; Mr. T. Doherty, sales manager, Harp Lager; Mr. W. Scott, area sales manager, Scottish & Newcastle; Maxine Bennett, Brewery guide; and Mr. J. Page, Mr. J. Murray and Mr. I. Davidson, Scottish & Newcastle.


In the News 1974...

Edinburgh L.T.A. dinner-dance 1974

Top table personalities at the Edinburgh Licensed Trade Association's annual dance were J. W. and Mrs. Grierson; D. F. and Mrs. Ferguson; T. W. Crowe, president of Leith L.T.A., and Mrs. Crowe; Chief Inspector and Mrs. Ridgeway; W. F. and Mrs. Gentle; A. J. H. and Mrs Squair; T. A. S. McLean-Anderson (President) and Mrs. McLean-Anderson; Sir John and Lady Inch; D. G. and Mrs. Mackay; J. M. Moore; E. W. Ridehalgh; Mrs. Wight; N. D. Wight, president, East Lothian L.T.A.; Mrs. Sinclair; D. F. Sinclair. 1974.



Edinburgh Licensed Trade Association group 1978

The Directors of the Edinburgh Licensed Trade Association., headed by their president, Mr. D. F. Ferguson (seated left), attended a reception at the offices of Macdonald Greenlees, Edinburgh, and were entertained to lunch by the vice-chairman and managing director, Mr. James A. Wolfe-Murray.


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