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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Errigal View.

311 Eglinton Street, corner of 59 Cavendish Street, Glasgow.

Errigal View 311 Eglinton Street corner of 59 Cavendish Street

Errigal View on the far left. Thanks to Norrie McNamee for the image.

Image of the Errigal View 311 Eglinton Street

Errigal View. Corner of Eglinton Street and Cavendish Street.

This pub got its name from the beautiful scenic view in County Donegal, Ireland.

There has been a public house on this sit since 1852. Throughout its history the same family had owned it. Founded by Wine & Spirit Merchant Francis B Buchanan.

In 1870 Francis acquired another pub at 213-15 Eglinton Street at the corner of Cumberland Street. For years Francis lived with his wife and family in Eglinton Street. Francis passed away in 1897, his wife Mary then took over the running of the business. Mary was now living at 26 Maxwell Drive. Mrs Buchanan died in 1915. The licence was then taken over by her son James C Buchanan as one of the trustees of her estate.

In 1937 James B Struthers was running the pub for the Buchanan's. After the Second World War the firm became a limited company. During the 1950s-60s Robert Johnston was licensee and a director of James C Buchanan Ltd.

Other well known licensees to run the pub under the Buchanan's were...

Mary Herries Friel, E J McMonigle and Mick McGintey. This old pub was still here in the late 1970s and then demolished, just like any of the businesses in the area.

Mr E J McMonigle took over a public house in West Campbell Street, City Centre and called it the City Rendezvous.

Other names this old pub has been known as is Cathkin Bar, Rendezvous Bar.


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