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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Fotheringay.

17-21 Nithsdale Road, Glasgow. G41 2AL.Tel: 01414231088.


The Fotheringay Bar

Fotheringay. 1991.

This is now the Horse Shoe owned by ex-manager David Smith of the Horse Shoe Bar in Drury Street.

The Fotheringay was opened in 1965 by east end publican William M Johnston, Mr Johnston owned the Charter Bar on Tollcross Road.

The Fotheringay was a new venture consisting of a buffet lounge, public bar, delicatessen and an off-sales. The new lounge could comfortably seat 120. A novel feature of the lounge was the two natural cellars with wrought iron gates which were used to display wine bottles.

Fotheringay interior2

Left to right at the opening of the Fotheringay Mr William M Johnston, Mrs Barr, Mrs Johnston and Mr Barr, president of the Licensed Trade Defence Association. 1965.

Fotheringay interior1

Interior view of the buffet lounge.

Fotheringay interior

Some of the guests left to right H Carmichael, J Rankin, J Gow, J Chalmers and M Forbes all well known figures in the licensed trade.

It's now called the Horse Shoe Bar, with the same lettering as the Horse Shoe Bar in Drury Street and the same manager . It didn't last long and the place closed a few years later.


In the NEWS 1978...

The Beer Boss Pulls A Smart One...

Fotheringay 1978

The Fotheringay staff (left to right) Andy McCallum, Ricky and Margaret Thom, and David Barclay.

The Fotheringay, which some say is the best pub Tennent Caledonian own in Glasgow, is having some problems these days, from the former sales director of Tennent Caledonian.

When Billy Findlay gave up his director's job with T.C. he bought the Titwood Bar from the company.

Then it was a place which TC were not too interested in improving because their ace bar, The Fotheringay was directly facing in Nithsdale Street, Strathbungo.

Bill and his brothers John and Jim had no such reservations and spent tens of thousands doing up the place.


Now Bill, who worked for 21 years with Tennent's, is taking custom away from their best pub. Says Bill: "My future is staked in this place and I am not going to put my family and home in jeopardy for the sake of Tennent's Okay, the Fotheringay has a good reputation and I am on good terms with the manager but I want the Titwood to be even better."

Across the road, manager Ricky Thom told me, "The Titwood now is a nice bar but I don't think it is going to do the Fotheringay out of business.

The Horse Shoe Bar Nithsdale Road 2008

The Horse Shoe Bar. 2005.

The Horse Shoe Bar has now a transfer of the lease for anyone interested in running their own pub, a transfer premium of £46,500 is asked for. September 2005.

The bar reopened as the Fother. 2008.

Fothers Nithsdale Road 2008

Fother's. 2008.


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