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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


George Christie Walker.

The Alhambra Bar, 33 Paisley Road West, Glasgow.


Mr George C Walker

Mr George Christie Walker. 1888.

George Christie Walker was a native of Keith, where he spent most of his younger days, gaining a good education and business training. Following this he spent some time in London and other parts of England before coming to Glasgow. He entered into the services of Thomas Young & Co., where he became manager. After 8 years of service with the firm he joined the company as a partner. This was the beginning of a new career, he then took over a pub formerly owned by George MacLachlan at 31-33 Paisley Road West at the corner of Stanley Street, Kinning Park. George made some improvements, the main bar was fitted out with a new family department renaming the pub to “The Alhambra” this old pub still stands today and is better known as The Wallace Bar, however it’s been closed for years now. George opened another public house at 117 Oxford Street, in the Gorbals.

George was very popular with his employers and married Mr Young's daughter.

George was a yeoman and had a love of horses. Before coming to Glasgow he resided in London.


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