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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Glebe Bar. Broon's Bar.

99 Glebe Street corner of 63 Albert Street ( McAslin Street.)


Broon's Bar Glebe Street 1960s

Broon's Bar 1960's.

There has been a public house here since 1860. The first licensee was a gentleman called John Ballantyne, he was registered as a Wine and Spirit Merchant and lived nearby at 77 Glebe Street.

John Ballantyne continued as landlord until 1876 and sold up to wine and spirit merchant Thomas Sweeney. Mr Sweeney also had a public house at 23 Castle Street. Thomas lived at 64 Parson Street, Townhead before moving to better accommodation at 34 Alexandra Parade.

In 1884 well-known Glasgow publican Mr Thomas Logan took over the pub he also had another public house at 43 East Crawford Street at the corner of 53 Glenpark Street. In 1900 Mr Logan lived with his family at 34 Alexandra Parade, the following year he gave up the Glebe Street premises and sold to Mr James Kemp.

Mr Kemp was paying an annual rent of £65 and was granted a certificate to sell wine, spirits and beer on the 10th April 1901, he also had premises at 64-66 Dale Street, Tradeston, South Side of Glasgow. In 1920 James Kemp had licensed premises at 99 Glebe Street, 68 McNeil Street at the corner of Hayfield Street, (Pig & Whistle) 291-93 Main Street, Bridgeton, (Shawfield Bar) and lived at Bertrand, 1 Myrtle Park, Croosshill. James Kemp continued to serve the locals here until after the First World War.

David Dunbar was running the pub in 1923, David served the locals here until around 1935, after his death his wife Elizabeth took control of the business, she sold up in the early part of 1950.

Over the years the pub has been known as John Ballantyne with wines and spirits at each side of his name. The locals also called the pub Sweeney's, Logan's, The Glebe Bar and when the Brown family took over the pub name was changed to Broon's Bar.

The last owner of the old Broon's Bar was Jack Brown jun., many will still remember him. Do you know anything about this pub or did you drink at the bar? if so please get in touch.


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