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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Gushet Bar.

18 Cowcaddens, Glasgow.



The Gushet Bar was situated at the gushet of Cowcaddens and Port Dundas Road.

There has been a pub on this site since at least 1875 owned by Wine & Spirit Merchant James Dewar, he also had pubs at 48 Commerce Street, 227 Cowcaddens, 225 New City Road, 27 West Russell Street and 247 Duke Street.

In 1897 Robert Wilson Armstrong acquired the licence, when Robert passed away his wife Jane took over the business. The family continued in this Gushet bar until the late 1950s, Matthew and Robert were both licensee. In 1960 Ronald Williamson took over the licence as trustee, he also took over the old pub at 3-5 Greendyke Street at the Glasgow Green for the late Joseph Anderson. The old Gushet Bar was used by students in the early part of the 70s and was finaly demolished when the Cowcaddens was raided by the bulldozer's in the mid 1970s.


The Gushet Bar.


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