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Welcome to Hamilton Pubs.

72 Pubs found.


Albany Bar, New Cross, Hamilton.

Argyle Bar, Quarry Street, Hamilton.

Argyll & Sutherland Bar, 59 Townhead Street, Hamilton.

Almada Inn, Peacock Cross, Hamilton.

Auld Hoose, 22 Low Waters, Hamilton.

Black Bull Hotel, 22-24 Townhead Street, Hamilton.

Brandon Bar, 33 Castle Street, Hamilton.

Bruce Arms, 9 Townhead Street, Hamilton.

Burns Tavern, 39 Campbell Street, Hamilton.

Cadzow Bar, 45 Cadzow Street, Hamilton.

Cameron James, Douglas and Clydesdale Hotel, Hamilton.

Castle Wine & Spirit Vaults, 293-95 Glasgow Road, Hamilton.

Circles, 62, Townhead Street, Hamilton.

Club Bar, 47 Glasgow Road, Hamilton.

Clyde Bar, Low Waters, Hamilton.

Commercial Hotel, 33-35 Townhead Street, Hamilton.

Criterion Bar, 100 Quarry Street, Hamilton.

Criterion Bar, 141 Quarry Street, Hamilton.

Crown Inn, 53-55 Almada Street, Hamilton.

Doherty william, Railway Luncheon Bar, Hamilton.

Dolphin Bar, 31 Glasgow Road, Hamilton.

Douglas & Clydesdale Bar, Old Cross, Hamilton.

Earnock Vaults, High Blantyre Road, Hamilton.

Empire Bar, 289 Glasgow Road, Hamilton.

Enfield Bar, 65 Glasgow Road, Hamilton.

Greenfield Bar, 177 Glasgow Road, Hamilton.

Hamilton Licence holder's Device for Broaching Beer Barrels. Mr Anderson Donald.

The Hillhouse, Hillhouse, Hamilton.

Horse Inn, Bothwell Road.

Kings Arms Inn, Muir Street, Hamilton.

Lachie MacMillan's Bar, Hamilton.

Mac's Almada Bar, 16 Almada Street, Hamilton.

Mac's Bar, 48-50 Townhead Street, Hamilton.

McGregor Robert, Townhead Street, Hamilton.

Mill Inn, Fairhill, Hamilton.

Oak Bar, 152 Low Waters, Cadzow, Hamilton.

Oliver's Inn, Hamilton.

Palace Bar, Muir Street, Hamilton.

Peacock Bar, Peacock Cross, Hamilton.

Peter Somes, Criterion Bar, Quarry Street, Hamilton.

Railway Vaults, 8 Clydesdale Street, Hamilton.

Robert Lauchlan, Wine & Spirit Merchant, 23 Chapel Street, Hamilton.

Royal Hotel Bar, Edinburgh Road, Hamilton.

Strathmore Bar, 61 Chapel Street, Hamilton.

Sutherland Arms, Campbell Street, Hamilton.

Victoria Bar, 119 Glasgow Road, Hamilton.

Volunteer Arms, Hamilton.

The Wine Shop, 30 Campbell Street, Hamilton.

In 1945 George Kilmartin a spirit merchant, 7 Whitehill Road, Burnbank, Hamilton admitted(1) having in his premises in Townhead Street, Hamilton, between August 17 and September 13 January 1945 prepared methylated spirits for use as a beverage by mixing the same with Irish whiskey, and (2) on September 13 having in his possession 23 gallons and 21 and a quarter gills capable of being used wholly or partly as a beverage in the preparation of which methylated spirits, or a derivative thereof, had been used. It was explained on behalf of the accused that he believed he was dealing in genuine whisky. It would be noticed that there was no charge whatever of selling to the public. A fine of £75 was imposed, with the alternative of three months imprisonment, and forfeiture was ordered.

Other Hamilton Pubs...

The Auld Hoose, 219 Low Waters Rd, Hamilton. ML3 7QN. Tel: 01698 282206.

The Barleycorn, 1 Low Waters Rd, Hamilton. ML3 7LG. Tel: 01698 282559.

Bar West, 165 Almada St, Hamilton. ML3 0E. Tel: 01698 422155.

Bradley's Bar, 204 Hillhouse Rd, Hamilton. ML3 9NS. Tel: 01698 822450.

The Bully Inn, 2 Store Row, Quarter, Hamilton. ML3 7XU. Tel: 01698 423382.

Butterburn Bar,44 Gateside St, Hamilton. ML3 7JQ. Tel: 01698 283357.

Chambers Lounge Bar, 55 Almada St, Hamilton. ML3 0HQ‎. Tel: 01698 283161.

The Clansman Bar, Burnbank Rd, Hamilton. ML3 9AA. Tel: 01698 283454.

Cosy Corner, 189 Mill Rd, Hamilton. ML3 8PE. Tel: 01698 283093.

Doherty's, 33-35 Castle St, Hamilton. ML3 6BU. Tel:01698 283412.

The Empire Bar, 289 Glasgow Rd, Hamilton. ML3 0QG. Tel: 01698 307310.

The George, 16-18 Campbell St, Hamilton. ML3 6AS. Tel: 01698 424225.

Glenlee Bar, 295 Glasgow Rd, Hamilton. ML3 0QZ. Tel: 01698 710456.

Guys Inn, 93 Meikle Earnock Road, Hamilton, ML3 8AG. Tel: 01698 284 030.

Hardie's, 25 Chapel St, Hamilton. ML3 6AP. Tel: 01698 284199.

Hemingways, 1-3 Keith St, Hamilton. ML3 7BL. Tel: 01698 301677.

Jilts Bar, 14 Brandon St, Hamilton. ML3 6AB. Tel: 01698 282631.

Maverix, Quarry St, Hamilton. ML3 6QS. Tel: 01698 458174.

Roxy's Bar, 78 Brandon St, Hamilton. , ML3 6AB. Tel: 01698 891237.

Strada, Cadzow Arcade, 26 Cadzow St, Hamilton. ML3 6DG. Tel: 01698 282789.

The Stonehouse, 45 Cadzow St, Hamilton. ML3 6DZ. Tel: 01698 286479.

Victoria Bar, 169 Quarry St, Hamilton. ML3 7HR. Tel: 01698 285949.

Windsor Bar, 3 Castle St, Hamilton. , ML3 6BU. Tel: 01698 459550.

The Wee Dram, 177 Low Waters Rd, Hamilton. ML3 7QQ. Tel: 01698 285915.

The Woodhead Bar, Swisscot Ave, Hamilton. ML3 8DR. Tel: 01698 300157.


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