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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Iron Maiden.

Main Street, Bellshill.

In medieval times the "Iron Maiden" was a rather vicious means of torture the were sight of which was enough to make victims faint with shock. But since Friday the "Iron Maiden" in Bellshill isn't a menacing name. It's a brand-new pub and lounge bar.

Iron Maiden 1977

Interior view of the Iron Maiden 1977.

The Iron Maiden has been opened by two of Glasgow's bright young businessmen Brian Farquhar and Robert McFarlane who own Waves and Spankies discotheque in the city centre.

The two menu have spared no expense with their new pub complex in the town's Main Street. It is a completely new building which has been luxuriously decorated. The public bar has been painted a bright red and is fully equipped with pinball machine, colour TV, darts board and super league pool table.

"We are hoping to start our own darts team in the near future and join a pool league," said Brian. And one idea which will please all punters is the broadcasting of horse races and results in stereo.


In the lounge, which has been decorated and upholstered in various shades of green, the walls are dominated by large mirrors depicting "iron maidens" dressed in iron clad bikinis. Music is from a juke box. Perhaps the most attractive part of the Iron Maiden is the function suite with its palm trees and illuminated marine fish tank.

Iron Maiden ad 1977


Brain and Robert plan to hold dinner dances in the suite, called the Maiden Buttery, every Friday and Saturday evening. On Thursday evenings the suite will be used as a discotheque. "We also plan to hire out the suite for weddings and other big occasions," Brian told me.

"We have brought our chef Tony Matteo out from Waves to do the catering," said Brian. "Tony prides himself on having a well stocked kitchen so we think we will be able to cope with all orders given."

Just now Tony is busy organising the Christmas dinner dance which are being held on Friday and Saturday evening this weekend and next. "We have special plans for these dinner dances. We have all sorts of entertainment in mind and a special Christmas menu including the traditional turkey and Christmas pud but with specialities available," Tony explained.

The special Christmas menu will cost £6.50. After the festive season the Buttery will be offering the normal dinner dance menu costing £3.95. "At lunchtime there will be a small a la carte menu including steaks, scampi, veal and rainbow trout," Tony said.

"We want the Buttery to be the type of place where businessmen can bring their customers for a quiet lunch where they can relax and talk over a good meal and bottle of wine." Tony also plans to serve lighter meals like spaghetti and steak pie in the lounge bar at lunchtime.

Bellshill is surrounded by several industrial estates and Brian and Robert hope to attract the staff from the many factories and offices. In fact Tony is hoping to visit some businesses to show them some menus and invite them along to The Iron Maiden.

There's no doubt that The Iron Maiden is going to prove very popular not only with the Bellshill folk but, also with people from the surrounding towns. It is one of the most attractive lounges I have ever seen and leaves many Glasgow lounges in the shade.

By the way if you're wondering why Brian and Robert chose the name Iron Maiden, it had nothing to do with the medieval torture chamber. "We took it from the iron works nearby," Brian explained. Now that Brian and Robert have three places on the go you would think they would be quite happy to sit back and rest on their laurels for a while.

Iron Maiden advert 1977

But not these two.

"We are planning to open another place in Glasgow quite soon, said Brian. "I don't want to say what, but it will be really exclusive."


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