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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


John Kesson.

Kesson's Bar, 46 Maitland Street, Glasgow.


Mr John Kesson

Mr John Kesson. 1887.

John Kesson was born in 1851 on a farm of Dukeston, Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire. He left his fathers farm and came to Glasgow to study at the University. At the age of eighteen he had enough of the hard farm life and headed for Glasgow in the hope of a better life. When he came to Glasgow he furthered his education and studied at the Normal School for two sessions. On leaving University he managed a pub in the Cowcaddens before taking over the licence for the old established pub at 46 Maitland Street.

He completely refurbished this old howff. The bar had two snugs at the rear equipped with electric bells with tables and chairs placed around the main bar, he also had a new family department constructed. The cellar was stocked with McEwan’s, Younger’s, Bass and Allsopp’s beer. The ceiling was a work of art and a feature of the bar, hand painted similar to that of the St. Enoch’s Hotel, the scene of a pond and water lilies, the panels were painted with birds and butterflies and below the cornice beautifully painted eagles, owls and wild duck. John had his own blend of whisky called “The Doctor” retailing at 4d per glass. There was a large gold lettered sign outside this pub stating that “No whisky under 2 years old sold here”. Shortly afterward he opened another pub in William Street, Cowcaddens.



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