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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen. The Ragamuffin.

7a Lansdowne Crescent, Glasgow. G20 6NQ. Tel: 0141 334 4653.

The Ragamuffin 7a Landsdowne Crescent

Interior view of the Ragamuffin Bar. 1974.

In the NEWS 1974...

Glasgow Pubs have changed considerably over the years. Few pubs can exist now by sell just beer with the occasional pie and beans. Customers want more now with a variety of meals.

Those changes began in the 1970s and one bar keen to adapt to the new demands was The Ragamuffin, which opened in 1974 in Lansdowne Crescent in the West End.

It was run by Mick and Kathy Kenna, who already ran some city pubs, including Granny Black's in the Candleriggs. The name Ragamuffin came from a painting of street urchins they were hanging in their restaurant. When they asked the artist what its name he said "The Ragamuffin" ...So that was the name for the new venue.

Kathy, who used to be a secretary to entertainer Jimmy Logan, was the hostess, while her husband Mick took care of the grub. An a la carte meal, which could have included prime Scotch beef or roast duck, cost £2.50, while a three-course set meal was £1.25.

But pubs are always changing and The Ragamuffin is no more. But drink and food is still on the menu... the place is now called The Lansdowne Bar and Kitchen.

The Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen Landsowne Crescent

The Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen. 2015.


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