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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Lindsay Daish.

Wine and Spirit Merchant, Purveyor, Confectioner, Restaurateur and Refreshment Contractor, 21 Rose Street and 3-5 South St. Andrew's Street, Edinburgh.
Mr Lindsay Daish

Mr Lindsay Daish. 1891.

Mr Lindsay Daish owner of the The Grand Restaurant, 3 and 5 South St. Andrew's Street and Daish's, 21 Rose Street. His father started the business of which he took over in 1890. The Grand Restaurant was in fact a very grand establishment, on entering a double arch made from the finest oak and sides finely panelled and the floor of marble, swinging open a pair of glass doors you passed the buffet, which was on the south side. Panelled with marble of various hues, the walls and whole idea was worked out in the renaissance style of the architect, Mr J B Dunn. The counter, the top of which is of St. Ann's marble, was beautifully carved and was throughout fitted with electro plated fittings.

On the north and west side was luxuriant morocco leather lounges. The light at night was supplied by three beautiful hand-wrought chandeliers of copper and brass, while the design of the globe was unique. The buffet extended to about 35 feet, behind this was the smoking rooms, lavatories, while the dining saloon was reached by passing up through a door to the north. The tables each decorated with plants and set with the most enticing table-ware was laid for parties of four or six.

The service or still-room was fitted with all the most recent improvements for making tea and coffee, and also for keeping anything hot on its arrival from the kitchen by the hoist, which was placed here. In the immediate vicinity is the wine room, while the office and pay-desk was opposite. The close proximity of these facilitates the work, which is a boon appreciated by the waiters, to whom it saves many steps. Proceeding upstairs, on the first floor was a specially appointed rooms for ladies and private parties, whilst another suite of smoking-rooms, lavatories was provided.

The Kitchen was on the top floor, all new appliances were used as the kitchen caught fire the previous year. Carron Company's well known range of steam and water boilers, potato and pudding steamers were installed.


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