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The Lorne.

40 Howard Street, Glasgow. G1 Tel: 0141 229 5841.


The Lorne

The Lorne. 1991.

Now called Fat Boab's Alehouse, the older generation still call this the Lorne.

Established in 1872 as the Lorne Restaurant owned by Alexander Conacher.

When restrauteur James McKenzie took over in 1879 the Lorne was a favourite place for businessmen on both sides of the river, situated at the corner of Howard Street and Dixon Street and facing the St. Enoch Station this was thee place to dine.

When Mr McKenzie died his wife two sons and daughter took control of the business. It was also well known in the city for it's cold salads during summer months. The Lorne then consisted of a large dining area, smoking room and ladies and gents toilets.

It's a shame to see the name has change to Fat Boab's Alehouse.

The Lorne 1960s

The Lorne. 1960s.

Fat Boab's 2007

Fat Boab's. 2007.

Fatboabs Howard Street

Fat Boab's. 2007.


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