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Marine Hotel.

Oban, Argyll.


Another hotel was added to that already long list of splendid hostelries to be found in Oban in 1896. At the beginning of the esplanade, adjoining the old pier, Major McCaig has erected a magnificent building, to be called the Marine Hotel and designed exclusively from the foundation for the purpose of carrying on the business of hotel-keeping of the very highest class. Erected, fitted up, and furnished without regard to expense, containing every modern convenience, the Marine Hotel was opened in 1896.

The erection of an imposing structure, built in the modern style of architecture and commands, besides a beautiful view of the bay and town, a magnificent prospect of the whole Bay and Island of Mull. On the basement is situated that most important adjunct of a hotel, the kitchen, with the scullery adjoined. Large, well lighted and with every convenience experience can suggest, the chef should feel happy who presides over such splendid accommodation, and so far as room, light and ventilation are concerned, he will have every advantage.

Ample cellar room for all purposes, even for the storage in tanks of sea water, also occupy this flat, as well as a boot room, servants' bedrooms and hall. On the first flat the entrance is by a noble flight of steps, introducing us to an imposing hall and confronting us with the office and strong room. An elegant bar, morning room with appliances for both coal and gas cooking, the billiard room and three bedrooms are also on this floor, as well as the dining-room, elegantly furnished in dark oak.

In this room, as in every part of the hotel, refined taste and skill are exemplified, reflecting much credit on Messrs. Gray & Co., of Burnbank, Terrace, Oban, who executed the work. The Drawing-room was furnished in Chippendale mahogany, and is a large, pleasant apartment, the tender colours of the upholstery, as well as the furniture itself, making a desirable retreat to linger in. The writing-r00m is quiet, cosy and comfortable, the cathedral glass windows giving a subdued light, most grateful to the eyes of those who like to write.

The bedrooms of which there are about sixty, are all tastefully as well as elegantly and substantially furnished, supplying just what is wanted in a first-class hotel patronised by the higher classes, as the Marine Hotel is bound to be. Comfortable rooms for the servants of the guests and others occupy the top flat.

The first lessees of this magnificent establishment was Mr & Mrs Downie.


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