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The Marquis.

21 Waterloo Street, Glasgow.

Marquis interior 1978

The Marquis, Interior of the lounge 1978.

In the NEWS 1978...

A Feast in Luxury from the Marquis...

It's always refreshing to find a new restaurant that offers delicious food, at reasonable prices and served in pleasant surroundings.

But that just about sums up the Marquis, a new restaurant and cocktail bar which has just opened in Glasgow's Waterloo Street.

The Marquis is owned by Mr Harry Nicholas, who has also owned Paisley's Glynhill Hotel for the past eight years.

Following his success at the Glynhill, Mr Nicholas decided it was time to expand into Glasgow.

The Marquis is designed especially for people who appreciate good food and who want to dine in a relaxed atmosphere. Mr Nicholas has spared no expense in the decoration. Everything from the pure wool on the booth seats to the mahogany ceilings and partitions exudes quality. Only the best of materials has been used.

Undoubtedly the main feature is the actual bar in the cocktail lounge. It has been custom made in teak by Mr Tony Capriotti and is a beautiful piece of work.

The Marquis advert 1978


The Marquis has been designed on two levels. The lower level has the cocktail bar and part of the restaurant, while the upper level has a smaller restaurant, ideal for holding small functions.

In fact, although the Marquis has been open for only two weeks there have been two functions held already. The most important point about any restaurant is the food. And the Marquis comes up trumps.

The restaurant has an extensive menu which includes everything from steaks to moussaka. For the younger set, perhaps looking for a quick meal before going to the cinema, there are American-style char-cooked chopped beefburgers served with a relish tray and French Fries.

If you prefer a more substantial meal which you can linger over you can take your choice from a selection of steaks, including T-bone and porterhouse.

But if your eating tastes are a little adventurous then the Marquis can offer you a choice of continental dishes, many of them Greek. How does Dolmades sound for starters? That's chopped meats with rice and herbs rolled and cooked in vine leaves.

You can follow that with Kleftiko lamb roasted in its own juices and herbs. It is served with roast or boiled potatoes and individual mixed salad. The Marquis also has a selection of Yugoslavian, Italian, German, and French wines.

One good point about the menu is that it contains no hidden extras. potatoes and vegetables are included in the price of the main meal. In charge of the Marquis is Mrs Margaret MacCallum, who has been in management at the Glynhill Hotel for eight years.

Marquis advert 1978

She has a staff of around 20 including two chefs and is delighted with the way the new restaurant has turned out. "It really is in the ideal position," she pointed out. "We are only about two hundred yards from Central Station and only a few minutes from Anderston Bus Station.

So we are very handy for people arriving in the city and who are perhaps looking for a quiet meal after a long journey."

The Marquis is open from 12-2.20 from Monday to Saturday, from 5-11 p.m. Monday to Wednesday, and 5-12 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday.

They offer a businessman's lunch from Monday to Friday.


Marquis Waterloo Street advert 1979

The Marquis advert 1979.


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