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New Normal Bar.

32 Great Western Road, Glasgow.

The New Normal Bar Great Western Road

The New Normal Bar, 32 Great Western Road, after the great fire 1972.

Owner Jimmy Hargan opened this pub after his old premises were demolished, the Normal Bar at number 5 New City Road, and called his new bar "The New Normal Bar" at the start of Great Western Road near the junction of St. Georges' Cross. The pub was demolished along with the tenement building after a great fire.

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In the NEWS November 1972...

Demand for greater precautions after big fire...

Mrs Nancy Ballantyne, convener of Glasgow Corporation police and fire committee, has called for a co-ordination committee to deal with all aspects of fire fighting after a tenement fire on Saturday in which a fireman died trying to rescue a woman, who also died, and 31 other persons were injured.

Twenty-seven firemen have lost their lives in the past 12 years fighting fires in the city. Another councillor, Bailie Albert Long, has called for a full investigation by corporation officials to see if all proper fire precautions were taken.

Mrs Ballantyne's request is made in a letter which she will hand to Mr William Gray, the Lord Provost, today. In the letter, she will ask that special attention should be paid to all disused property, particularly empty shops beneath occupied tenements.

The fireman who died on Saturday, Sub-Officer Adrian McGill, was said yesterday to have sacrificed his life trying to save the woman, who was trapped on the top floor of a burning tenement in Maryhill Road, Glasgow.


The woman, Mrs Alice Mulgrew, aged 48, died after she was brought down from a narrow ledge outside her home by other firemen. In her letter, Mrs Ballantyne refers to the fact that Sub-Officer McGill is the eighth fireman to die this year in fires in the city, seven have died at a warehouse fire in Kilbirnie Street in August.

She will ask the Lord Provost to consider what steps might be taken to have all derelict propery demolished, to have special precautions taken where shops stood empty beneath occupied tenements to ensure the safetly of firemen and the safe entry of fire-fighting vehicles through narrow lanes which were sometimes blocked by cars.

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