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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Old Ship Bank.

166 Saltmarket, Glasgow. G1 Tel:


Old Ship Bank

The Old Ship Bank. 1991.

The Old Ship Bank has been successfully run by the Hyslop family now for many years. Today Frank jun controls the running of the pub. I was so surprised when I met Franky one Sunday afternoon, the place was jumping, I could hardly get in the place. As I squeezed my way past the locals I was served right away by the barmaid who didn't know me, that was a plus right away as the bar was so busy. If you think the Old Ship Bank is like all the rest of the pubs in the area then think again. The Old Ship as it is sometimes called had a sing along the afternoon I was in, Frank tells me that the singers come from all over and are very talented, that I could here for myself. I think all of the singers in the city was in the Old Ship Bank that afternoon, I have never seen so many singers in one place, It was also the last day of smoking, one elderly lady was smoking two fags at a time. If you like a friendly pub with lot's of atmosphere and you fancy yourself as a singer, then this is the place to be, it's very much better than the Karaoke bars in town and you never get any trouble, the locals are so very friendly. I had a great time when I visited the Old Ship Bank, Franky made me very welcome.

Cheers Franky.

Old Ship Bank

Old Ship Bank Wine & Spirit Vaults 1949.

Old Ship Bank 2005

The Old Ship Bank, August 2005.


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