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The Parkville Road House.

296 Glasgow Road, Blantyre, Glasgow. G72 9DG. Tel: 01698 822861.


.The Parkville Blantyre

The Parkville, Blantyre. 2005.

The Parkville doorway Blantyre

The entrance to the Parkville, Blantyre. 2005.

The Parkville sign

The Parkville sign. 2005.

The Parkville is owned by Celtic fame Harry Hood.


In the NEWS 1978...

Hary doesn't score with pub plan.

Ex-Celtic player Harry Hood today moved into defence as he prepared to meet his biggest challenge match outside a football ground.

Lining up in opposition to Harry, who now plays for Queen of the South, are councillors, residents and church people in the Croftfoot area of Glasgow who are against his plans to open a pub in their "dry" district.

He has lodged an application for planning permission in Croftend Avenue, but this has led to a petition to try to stop the application winning approval.


District Councillor Maurice Toshner has promised the objectors his full backing. "The people who live there are appalled," he said, "This is a totally residential area and a pub would be compietely wrong."

But a planning official dealing with the application commented: "I think I will probably be recommending it to the committee."

Hood, who already runs the Sherwood Manor in Uddingston, said: "What I plan to build will be a bit higher class than just a public house. It will be next to a shopping centre, where local people can have a coffee, a snack, and a drink if they want it."

Harry Hood also owns Angels Hotel, Uddingston, The Castle Rooms, The Croft, The Dalziel Park Hotel, and The Parkville.


In the NEWS 1978...

We don't want any pubs...

A public house in the Croftfoot area is entirely superfluous to our needs.

The picture Mr Hood paints of housewives popping in for a coffee or a snack after their visit to the shopping centre is a bit extreme. The shopping centre is a line of a half dozen shops a laundrette, and a chippie.

Numerous couples in the area chose to live here because of the absence of pubs. Pensioners congratulate themselves that the mindless violence and constant recurring disturbance that plaques areas well blessed with such establishments as Mr Hood proposes is happily absent here.

A community, we are not over loud in our praises of Croftfoot, but we do value the quality of our life here.


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