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The Penny Farthing.

Cathcart Road, Glasgow. G42 7BY. Tel: 01414238582.


Penny Farthing

The Penny Farthing. 1991.

In the NEWS 1978...

Penny Farthing interior 1978

Mrs Theresa McGregor (left) and Mrs Nellie Shields enjoy a drink in the "Penny Farthing" Bar. 1978.

"Cheers" As Women Get Pub Go-Ahead...

Glasgow bar manager Michael McGhee gave the city's women an unusual present before he retires this week, the chance to drink in his public Bar.

Mr McGhee, manager of the Penny Farthing in Cathcart Road, Govanhill, came in for the fury of women's libbers last week when he refused to serve them in the bar.

Eventually police were called to restore order as the 20 or so women lined the bar and refused to leave.


But with only days to go until he hangs up his bar towel for good, Mr McGhee has relented, and women can now sample the delights of the linoleum-floored bar instead of having to put up with the plush-carpeted lounge.

First in-today were local residents Mrs Theresa McGregor (22), of Calder Street and Mrs Nellie Shields (60), of Bankhall Street who were served without protest.

But, whisper it, Mrs McGregor has broken the men-only barrier before. She said today: "I've been in a couple of times in the public bar with my husband, but we normally go to the lounge.

"I think a woman should be allowed in any bar if she wants, but she would have to put up with any rough language from the men."

Mr McGhee's objections to women in the public bar had been that there were no toilet facilities for them, and that male customers preferred them not to be there.

A spokesman for Scottish and Newcastle, the owners of the pub, commented today, "There is no question of women not being served in any of our premises."

The attempts to keep the bar men-only came to a head on Friday night when the women who were not served refused to leave. Leader of the protest group, Mrs Irene Gooheir, said at the time & "It must be the last place left in the country where you can't be served just because you are a woman."

But although they vowed to be back first thing today, there was no sign of the protestors when Mr McGhee raised the shutters at 11 o'clock. He promised to serve them though when they do re-appear.


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