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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Rab Ha's.

153 Bath Street, Glasgow.

Rab Has interior 1977

Interior view of Rab Ha's. 1977.

In the NEWS 1977...

A tasty tribute to Glasgow's favourite eater...

A childhood passion for mountains of chip butties frequently brought forth the caustic comment from my mother that I bore more than a passing resemblance to a certain Rab Ha'.

But the bite behind the allusion escaped me, until I was old enough to realise that I was being compared to the infamous Glasgow Glutton who died last century.

One story of his incredible gluttony concerns a bet laid by a Renfrewshire nobleman who, for a large sum of money, said he would find a man who would eat an entire calf, three months old, cooked in various dishes.

He placed his bet on Rab, and the calf was selected, killed, and cut up into dishes, including veal pies. Rab went about his task with his customary enthusiasm, and when he had almost finished the last of the pies and savouries he was asked how he was progressing.

Back came the reply "Ou, gay an' weel, my lord; but where's the calf? I'm ready for the calf noo," Eat your heart out, Billy Bunter. Such an excess indulgence in the culinary arts is, of course, not to be encouraged. But there is a new eating place in Glasgow where you can have your fill without emptying your pockets.

The Rab Hall restaurant in the Bath Hotel is officially opened today. Seating thirty, it offers an extensive a la carte menu, ranging from pizza at 75p to the giant Rab Ha' T-bone steak weighing in at two pounds and costing a fiver.

The Bath Hotel itself has thirty ultra-modern bedrooms with radio and telephone and is ideal for businessmen and couples.


In fact, the hotel gives a special weekend rate. Details can be obtained from the manager, Mr Redmont.

The Strathclyde Suite in the Bath Hotel is available for weddings, functions, etc.' and it won't cost you anything to hire it.

The Campsie Bar, the Hotel's attractive lounge, is another favourite spot. For couples and residents only, the bar is open at weekends.

Rab Ha's advert 1977

Rab Ha's advert from 1977.



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