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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Red Lizard.

49 Bell Street, Glasgow. G1 Tel:. 0141 552 3539.


Red Lizard.

Red Lizard. 2006.

Formerly known as Fiddler's Court.

Fiddler's Court was probably named after the worst close on nearby High Street in the early 1800s. The close was filled by the poorest people in the city, all sorts of smells reeked from this close including urine and sanitary waste. The close was swept away in the 1870s by the City Improvement Trust.

Its a wonder the owners chose such a name as this was quite a nice pub to drink in, attracting students and nearby residents of the nice flats in the Merchant City. The menu had a great choice and was very reasonably prices.

The bar had a refurbishment and is now called Locomotiv, closed in the summer of 2005, it was called the Red Lizard.


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