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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan



327 Mathieson Street, Gorbals, Glasgow.



Roper's Bar sat at the corner of Mathieson Street and Cumberland Street, Gorbals.

St Francis R C Church is seen in the background.

In the 1870s John O'Neil occupied these premises selling drinks to the locals.

It probably became more well known in the Gorbals when the Roper family acquired the licence.

Patrick J Roper acquired his first licence in 1925 at 45 Norfolk Street, other premises were taken over at 3-5 Neptune Street, Govan and 32 Raglan Street. Patrick disposed of his business in 1937 shortly after his father died and passed the business to his two brothers James and Michael. Patrick left to look after a business in Irvine.


Roper's Bar, 90 Port Dundas Road.

Shortly afterwards there was Michael, James, John Denis and Joseph all involved in the licensed trade. In the 1950s and 60s other members of the family were involved in the business, Albert, Miss Margaret Ann and Agnes. They had pubs all over the city including Port Dundas Road, Kilpatrick Street and Paisley Road.

Another well known and respected Glasgow publican to own this old pub was James McGonigle. to read more Click Here.


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