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Steps sign2

The Steps Bar.

62 Glassford Street, Glasgow.

Steps Bar

The Steps Bar. 1991.

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Steps 2007

The Steps Bar. 2007.

Steps Bar interior 2009

Interior view of the Steps Bar. 2009.

Steps sign

Image of Steps Bar 1960

Steps Bar in 1960.

In the News 1988...

Bailie Duncan Mason Loses Chain in Pub...

Bailie Duncan Mason 1988

The Bailie who lost his official chain in a Glasgow pub last night described the incident as "a stupid prank that backfired."

Bailie Duncan Mason, whose irreplaceable gold chain of office, valued at £8000, went missing during a visit to the Steps Bar in the city's Glassford Street, added: "I am very angry and will be making that plain to the people I think were involved."

The councillor for Lethamhill, who will be standing as an independent in next week's district elections after being deselected by the Labour Party, said that he had borrowed the chain to attend the funeral of his "favourite brother-in-law" yesterday morning.

He continued: "I wished to wear the chain as I would be representing the Lord Provost who was inable to attend.

"I went in to the bar to say thank you to someone who had made a donation to my election fund and I stopped for a dram. I went to the toilet before leaving in a taxi and when I got home I was shattered to find the chain was missing from my bag.

"I assumed it had been stolen and told the Police right away. I believe now it was a joke that someone was playing on me and it had backfired."

Bailie Mason said that it "would be wrong to say" that he had been drinking heavily in the bar or had been "fooling around" with the chain and added: "The chain was in my bag and I left it for only a few minutes to go to the toilet. It must have been then that someone interfered with it."

Strathclyde Police said: "We can confirm having received a report of the theft of a gold chain and madallion belonging to Glasgow District Council during Monday evening. Inquiries revealed the chain and madallion having been returned to Glasgow District Coucil, no theft having taken place. Police inquiries into the incident are continuing."

It is understood that the chain was returned to the City Chambers by two unidentified people. Bailie Mason said: "I do not know if these were the people who had played the stupid prank."


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