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Barman rescued by U.S. Submarine.

In the NEWS 1978.

U.S. Sub plucks barman from the drink...

Barman Charles McGarry was in deep trouble in a tiny rowing boat off Whiting Bay, Arran, until he was rescued by the US Navy.

A submarine picked him up as dawn broke over the Firth of Clyde today. He has spent five hours adrift after losing both oars. Charles (23), of 8 Waverley Terrace, Westcliffe, Dumbarton, works at the Eden Lodge Hotel on Arran.

He leapt into the boat late last night when he thought he saw a body floating in the sea. He found no-one and headed back towards the beach.


But the sea was too rough for a small boat and he lost both oars. Charles spent the next five hours sitting in the tossing boat. Then, as the sun came up, he was spotted by the crew of a U.S. submarine from the Holy Loch.

They picked him up five miles east of Whiting Bay and landed him back safely on shore. He was given a medical check and treated for exposure. Commander Gerald Egan, at the USS Holland support ship at the Holy Loch, would not name the submarine-cum-mercy vessel, for security reasons, but he said: "This is the sort of thing our crew are trained to do, and we would always rescue some one in trouble."


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