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Tartan Tavern.

3 Albany Terrace, Oban, Argyll. PA343 5NY. Tel: 01631 652225.


Tartan Tavern Oban 2008

The Tartan Tavern. 2008.

Tartan Tavern 1953

The Tartan Tavern. 1953.

The Tartan Tavern interior view 1953

The Tartan Tavern interior. 1953.

The Tartan Tavern was opened in the summer of 1953 by landlord Harry Dunn. While the town has a number of fine hotels it had only two public houses, one owned by Mr Dunn's family, the Lochavullin Tavern, and the other the Station Refreshment Room owned by British Railways.

The Tartan Tavern has a prepossesing appearance, both inside and out. Light oak panelling has been used for the interior walls and the bar and gantry are in solid oak with light finish. Regimental crests of Highland Division regiments, hand-punched on leather, made an unusual decoration, the Gordon's, the Seaforth's, the Black Watch, the Cameron's, and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, all being represented, along with the Royal Scots Grey's and the crest of MacDougall of Dunollie. Also adorning the walls are pictures of officers of Highland Regiments in full dress uniform. The pictures have been mounted on the appropriate tartans, constituting a picture within a picture.

The floor of the bar is covered with a carpet of ancient Hunting Stewart tartan. The fixed seating round the walls has red hide covering and light oak tables with oak stools, hide covered, complete an attractive ensemble, made even more effective by the tartan window curtains.

Mr Harry Dunn served in the war with the Royal Artillery, attaining the rank of Major. On demobilisation he joined his father in the Lochavullin Tavern. His new enterprise should add another pleasant amenity to his fine holiday centre. Gaskell and Chambers (Scotland) Ltd., were responsible for the construction of the bar.


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