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Tirconnail Bar.

173 Cumberland Street, Gorbals.

TRYING TO GET IN TOUCH WITH MARIE GALLAGHER OR ANY OTHER MEMBER OF THE GALLAGHER FAMILY. If you know a member of this family please let them know I am trying to get in touch with them........


The Tirconnaill Bar was a real favourite for the locals in the Gorbals. Owned by well known and respected wine and spirit merchant Hugh Gallagher. Mr Gallagher was president of the Glasgow Licensed Trade Benevolent Association and played a prominent part in the Gorbals trade affairs for many years.

Hugh Gallagher 1963

Mr Hugh Gallagher. 1963.

The image above was taken on the occasion at e Gorbals ward function in the Grosvenor, Glasgow in 1963. Hugh was the social convener of the Gorbals Ward of Glasgow Association.

However the history of the pub goes back to the 1889 when partners David Bowman and James M Gardner acquired a licence to sell wines and spirits and traded under the title of Bowman & Gardner. Mr Bowman was living at 109 South Portland Street while Mr Gardner was staying at 9 Smith Street, Govanhill.

John MacLeod took over the business in 1906 and served the locals here until after the First World War, he also had premises in Darnley Street at the corner of Melville Street.

During the 1930s Andrew Ross junior was licensee, he and his father also Andrew Ross ran some of the best bars in the city of Glasgow. The Ross family were a prominent family in trade circles in and around the West of Scotland. Mr Ross wasn't only a wine and spirit merchant he was also a brewers agent. Mr Ross senior also held a certificate for 160 Woodlands Road (Halt Bar). Andrew Ross jun. took over the running of Samuel Dow's premises in the 1940s. Samuel Dow married Mr Ross's daughter.

In 1957 Hugh Gallagher took over the bar and changed the name of the pub to the Tirconnail Bar. Hugh was a cousin of Charlie Sweeney (Citizen Bar) and Anna Heraghty (Heraghty's Bar.) Hugh also went on to own the Govanhill Bar on Thistle Street gushet in 1970. Also see The Glenbervie Bar, one of Hugh's pubs, and 32 Raglan Street.

Hugh Gallagher group photo 1963

1963 image of the Gorbals group at the Grosvenor, Glasgow.

Left to right, Raymond McCrudden, vice convener; Mrs McCrudden; Hugh Gallagher, convener; Mrs Gallagher; Mr Thomas Flynn, president of the Glasgow and District Licensed Trade Defence Association; Mrs Hutchison and Mr Hutchison of White Horse.

Glasgow Licensed Trade Defence Association 1964

The Glasgow Licensed Trade Defence Association 1964.

Seated left to right: W J McDowall, secretary; J W MacFarlane, honorary treasurer; T F Flynn, president; A Morris Barr, senior vice president and R B Chassels, junior vice president. Standing J S Chalmers; J Cummings; D A Maclean; J McCarroll; M Macleod; J Gow; G Ramster; G A Grier; R McLean; R T Grier; J G Walls; J Millen; J Simpson; R Lemon; P R McCrudden; J Ward; Hugh Gallagher; S Whitton; D M Munro; T Mcauly and J D McLaughlin.

Gorbals ward 1965

Members of the Gorbals Ward Licensed Trade Association 1965. Back row J Thom, J Heraghty, N Douglas, C Sweeney, J K Webster. Front row P McGovern, H Gallagher, S Falconer, R McCrudden.

Gorbals group 1966

J Hargan, "Normal Bar"; Charlie Sweeney "Citizen Bar"; J Dickson "Moss End Bar, Bellshill"; A McAuley "Pig & Whistle"; Mrs J Dickson; D Welsh "Teachers"; Mrs Welsh; Hugh Gallagher "Tirconnail Bar"; Mrs A McAuley; Peter Gallagher "The Havana Bar"; A Ward "Ship Bank". 1966. This image was taken during the annual trip outing of the Gorbals publicans and friends to Glendaruel. These trips were orginised on a Sunday as the pubs were still not permitted to open on the Sabbath.

Citizens interior1

The Citizen's Bar wins the Cutty Sark darts competition 1967, F Munro, Cutty Sark congratulates Charlie Sweeney and his team. Below is the runners up Mr Munro congratulates Mr Hugh Gallagher and his team, Tirconnail Bar.

Hugh Gallagher 1968

Camphill Ward retains the Tennent Trophy. 1968.

Some of the competitors, from leff: D Clugston, Bulloch & Co.; Hugh Gallagher; D Harkness, Bulloch & Co.; James A Murray, "Ye Land Inn" Gallowgate; John A Murray, "Murray's Bar" Dalmarnock Road; J Boyle "The Waverely"; J Thom, Eglinton Street and John McCann "Mally Arms".

For the second successive year the Tennent Bowling Trophy, competed for annually by Glasgow city wards under local veto auspices, and played at Wellcroft, was won by Camphill.

After the game, Mr Donald A Maclean, president of the Glasgow and District Licensed Trade Defence Association, officiated at the prize giving ceremony, at which Mr D A Lowley, area manager, Tennent Caledonian Breweries, handed over the cup to the winning rink and prizes to the winners and runners-up.

The winning rink was skipped by John Flynn, who was assisted by J Hay, T M Armstrong, S Campbell. The runner-up, Hutchesontown, comprised Jack Morrison, skip; Angus Morrison; Murdo MacLeod and D A MacLean.

The six other rinks competing were Shettleston, Dalmarnock, Calton, Fairfield and Gorbals. Among those in attendance were T F Flynn, chairman of the Scottish Licensed Trade Veto Defence Fund; Jack Gow, the senior vice president; John M Smith, secretary of the fund and J C Campbell, Glasgow and West of Scotland area organiser for the fund.

Present also was George Ramster, secretary of the Glasgow Association, who came in for a special word of praise from Mr MacLean for his handling of the arrangements for his work behind the scenes.

Mr T F Flynn expressed thanks to Tennen Caledonian Breweries and to Mr MacLean for his presiding. Although not treated well by the weather, a heavy shower interrupted play for a while, all those taking part found the event most enjoyable.

Heraghtys interior 1972

The last night at the Garryowen Bar, Norfolk Street, in the picture is Mr & Mrs Heraghty, D A MacLean (Phoenix); H Gallagher (Gallagher's Bar); J McKell (Turf Bar); S Falconer (The Matelot); E O'Doherty (Hampden Bar); P McGovern (Central Bar); J McCann (Mally Arms).

Gorbals Group 1974

Gorbals group photo 1974. The image includes Mrs M Mallarky; Charles Sweeney; Michael Heraghty, convener and Mrs Heraghty; G Watt (Bell's Whisky); E O'Doherty; Mrs O'Doherty; H Gallagher and Mrs Gallagher; J Donaghey and Mrs Donaghey.

Charles Sweeney Gorbals8

Good days bowling 1974. H Gallagher, R McCrudden, C Sweeney, E O'Doherty, W McCann, W Coggans, A Jordon, C Duncan.

Charles Sweeney Gorbals7

Gorbals night out 1974. left to right G H Ramster, Mrs Ramster, H Gallagher, Mrs Gallagher, Mrs Sweeney, Mr C Sweeney, Mrs Munro, Frank Munro.


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