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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Town Head Wine and Spirit Vaults.

William Buchanan, Cumbernauld Road, Kirkintilloch.


In 1888 Kirkintilloch had a population of 8,000 people.

A mile to the east of the town is the Martyrs' Stone, erected in memory of John Wharry and James Smith, who suffered in the cause of the Reformation. Captured in Stephenson Wood near by, they were conveyed to Glasgow, where they were first tortured, then hanged and afterwards carted coffinless and shot into the moss here where their bones still lie.

The Town Head Wine & Spirit Vaults was situated at the Town Head, at the corner of Lenzie and Cumbernauld Roads. It was conveniently positioned for people entering and leaving Kirkiltilloch. William Buchanan a native of Strathblane opened it on Christmas eve 1887. A view of the Campsie Hills from the windows of the establishment was spectacular.

Local craftsmen built the premises, the joinery work was completed by Robert Graham, plumbing Mr Cunningham, painting, Mr Ogilvie, masonwork, Mr Fletcher all from Kirkintilloch. All the best liquor was stocked on the premises, the pub had three sitting-rooms, simply decorated with wall seating and tables.


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