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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Victoria Bar.

Market Street, Kilsyth.


In 1900 the proprietor was a gentleman called William Welsh.

Taking a stroll to Kilsyth whatever route you choose by road, canal or rail the journey was just as good in 1900 than it is today however there are many changes. At Mr Welsh's, Victoria Bar, in Market Square was one of the places for refreshment, after a pleasant stroll to the nearby Garrell Glen, one was welcomed at this old pub.

The building though only one of two stories high, was a large and commodius one, the counter ran over 45 feet. In the bar which was entered by two doors and lit from the front by two large ornate glass windows, the upper rooms were reached by two stairs. The establishment contained 4 large public rooms each of which reflects the highest credit on its upholstery and decoration.

Mr Welsh was born in Houston in 1867, he served his time with the famous Black Watch and afterwards served as a non-commissioned officer in the Queen's own Yeomanry. Mr Welsh obtained the Victoria Bar after selling the Crown Bar, 371 Crown Street, Gorbals, Glasgow.

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