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Vintners Golf Club.

The Vintners Golf Club annual Dinner Dance.


Members of the Vintners Golf Club dinner dance 1970

Golfing Vintners' Big Night Out.

The Glasgow Vintners Golf Club's annual dinner and dance and presentation of prizes in the Eagle Lodge, Bishopbriggs, was a tremendous Success.

Pictured shows a group of prizewinners. from left Charles Sweeney, Arlington Bar (Captain's Prize); Jack Devlin, Oxford Bar (Cantrell & Cochrane Cup); John Boyle, Waverley Bar (Queen Anne Trophy); Tony Ferry, Alamo Bar, Paisley (Silver Stag and Club Championship); Hugh McLaughlin, Ascot Bar (Dunn & Moore Coronation Cup); Peter Smith Shedden's Bar (Skol Cup); Bill Martin, Calypso Bar (Vintner's Tankard); Eddie Smyth, Anvil Bar (The Younger Putter); Ian Kennedy Molls Mire (The Brady Trophy).

Hugh McLaughlin Tony Ferry 1970

Hugh McLaughlin, the Vintner's Golf Club captain, takes a celebration drink from the Dunn & Moore Coronation Cup watched by Tony Ferry, Mrs McLaughlin, Mrs Docherty and Mrs T J Docherty, sales director, Dunn & Moore Sales Ltd. 1970.

In the News 1970...

John Boyle wins Brady Trophy.

John Boyle 1970

left to right are E. Smythe, president, Glasgow Vintners' Golf Club; L. Brady, Brady & Co., Glasgow; John Boyle; and W Martin, acting secretary, Glasgow Vintners' Golf Club. 1970.

The Brady Trophy for the Glasgow Vintners was won by John Boyle, the Waverley Bar, at Cochrane Castle.

Ratho Park, Golf Club, Midlothian.

Ratho Park Golf Club

Picture at the zone final at Ratho Park Golf Club, Ratho, Midlothian, are Mr. F. G. Laws, sales manager, East of Scotland branch, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Ltd.; Mr. E. H. Habberley, representative, A. Guinness and Co., Ltd., and G. Fraser, representative, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Ltd. 1970.


In the News 1970...

"Swingers" at Pollok.

Brain Morrison, Stanley P. Morrison Ltd., won the Hepburn Ross Cup (First Class) at the Forty Nine Club golf outing at Pollok last week with (73) 70. Second was Leslie Hodge, Grant's Standfast, with (87) 75. Thirty-two members teed off. In the second class competition for the Martini Rossi Bowl R. J. McLean, Whyte & MacKay, was first with (87) 68. John Dunlop, Cutty Sark, took second place with (95) 71. 1970.


Three Counties Summer Outing...

For their summer outing the Three Counties Golf Club visited the new Huntly 18 hole course. It was a popular venue, more than 60 members and guests attending.

The club has gained 20 new members this year and now has over 50.

The winner at Huntly was Mr. T. Murray of the Marine Hotel, Buckie with 77 (14) 63. Other winners: R. Anderson, Fraserburgh 80 (16) 64; S. Johnston (guest) 87 (23) 64. Best scratch score, 71, was returned by S. Millar, the Sandeman's representative.


In centre picture T. D. Murray (Marine Hotel, Buckie,) R. D. Wyper (Thistle Bar, Buckie,) and J. G. C. Knight (Guinness) mark up their cards at the 18th hole. (William Hay and Sons) putts.

In the News 1972...

St. Mungo Golf Club Winners 1972

Prize-winners in the St. Mungo Golf Club Stapleford Competition at Bogside. Mr. Jack Gow owner of the Orchard Park Hotel and the Montford, Glasgow, won the Captain's prize with 37 points. With him is Mr. John Adams, the Riverside Tavern, Gorbals, Glasgow, in the second class, who took the Vice-Captain's prize, scoring 36 points. 1972.

Glasgow Regains "Guardian" Golf Trophy at Gailes.

Guardian Golf Trophy winners 1972

The members of the Glasgow team who won the 75th anniversary match for the National Guardian golf trophy in the annual inter-cities contest for the licensed trade, which took place at Gailes.

Back row left to right: C Brownlie, J Gow, F. Martin, J. Grier, H. Kemp, J. Orr, W. Doodson, and M. Houston. Seated in front are W. Redpath, J. Green, G. Falconer (captain), G. Grier, and A. Moreland. 1972.

Edinburgh team 1972

The Edinburgh team who took the Ballingall Spoon. At the back left to right G. Graham, J. Paterson, A. Wood, D. De Vries, S. Stevenson (captain), R. Kelly, J Christie, and A. Colquhoun. 1972.

St Mungo's Golf Club 1972

St. Mungo Golf Club dinner guests.

The top table at the St. Mungo Golf Club dinner held in the Exchange Restaurant, Glasgow. Back row left to right: Messrs Ian Ogilvie (Dundee); Ewell Irvine (Edinburgh); W. Robertson (Edinburgh); John Gilpin (Dundee); William Lockhart (Irvine Golf Club); Michael Houston (secretary of St. Mungo G.C.). In front are Messrs. John Green (vice-president, St. Mungo); Bob Crampsey (Guest Speaker); George Falconer (captain St. Mungo); Maurice Crawford (vice-captain, Irvine Golf Club); John Christie (vice-captain, Edinburgh). 1972.


In the News 1974...

Glasgow Regains "Guardian Trophy"


Guardian Trophy 1974

Ian Grier, captain of Glasgow (left), is presented with the National Guardian Trophy by Ron Coles, captain of Perth, the previous holders. 1974.

With only two holes to play in the last match in the morning games of this years Inter-City Golf Tournament for The National Guardian Trophy, played over the Royal Burgess Course at Barnton, last week, it looked odds on Edinburgh qualifying to meet Dundee in the Afternoon decider.

At this stage Edinburgh's G. R. Robertson and W. Scott were one up with two to play against J. Green and A. Kirk of Glasgow, and their side in the clubhouse leading by three matches to two. Then the unpredictableness of golf emerged. A three foot putt was missed and Green and Kirk took the chance to win the hole.

On the 252 yards 18th Green sent a magnificent drive six feet past the pin and Kirk laid the ball up dead for a bridie three which was too good for their opponents. So Glasgow were through by the margin of three holes up.

Dundee, who had disposed of the holders Perth in the morning rounds fairly comfortably, were unable to strike the same form in the afternoon games and Glasgow over whelmed them, winning the first five matches, only their heroes of the morning, Green and Kirk, failing to make it a clean sweep. This hardly worried a delighted Ian Grier, who thus emulated his brother George, captain of Glasgow when they won the trophy in 1958.

Perth beat Edinburgh in an evenly decided contest in the afternoon to win the Ballingall Spoon. The following are the detailed results:


Glasgow 3; Edinburgh 3

(Glasgow names first)

W. B. Morrison and J. Young beat K. S. Graham and J. Malone 5 and 4; J. Gow and G. Wilson lost to D. De Vries and J. T. Forrest 5 and 4; J. P. Grier and W. Dunn lost to S. Stevenson and C. G. Sheriff 3 and 2; G. Grier and M. Houston beat A. Colquhoun and R. Coyle 6 and 4; D. Cameron and W. Doodson lost to R. Kelly and A. D. Dickson by 1 hole; J. Green and A. Kirk beat G. R. Robertson and W. Scott by 1 hole.

(Glasgow won by three holes up.)

Perth 1.5; Dundee 4.5

(Perth names first)

B. R. Grieve and S. Scott lost to R. Smith and G. Philip by 1 hole; D. McIntosh and B. Gillespie lost to N. J. Duncan and I. Ogilvie 5 and 4; A. Fraser and J. Robertson halved with W. Carlyle and J. Neave; P. Lambie and J. Pattillo beat D. Herd and B. Snadel 4 and 3; W. Stephen and A. Dewar lost to E. McNab and A. G. Duncan 2 and 1; W. MacKay and L. Stewart lost to N. H. Davidson and D. McKillop by 1 hole.


Glasgow 5; Dundee 1

(Glasgow names first)

W. B. Morrison and J. Young beat R. Smith and G. Philip 5 and 3; J. Gow and G. Wilson beat N. J. Duncan and I. Ogilvie 4 and 3;J. P. Grier and W. Dunn beat W. Carlyle and J. Neave 4 and 3; G. Grier and M. Houston beat D. Herd and B. Snadel 2 and 1; D. Cameron and W. Doodson beat E. McNab and A. Duncan 4 and 3; J. Green and A. Kirk lost to N. Davidson and D. McKillop 2 and 1.

Ballingall Spoon

Edinburgh 2.5; Perth 3.5

(Edinburgh names first)

K.S. Graham and J. Malone lost to B. R. grieve and S. Scott 7 and 6; D. De Vries and J. T. Forrest lost to D. McIntosh and B. Gillespie1 hole; S. Stevenson and C. G. Sheriff beat A. Fraser and J. Robertson 4 and 3; A. Colquhoun and R. Coyle lost to P. Lambie and J. Pattillo 3 and 2; R. Kelly and A. D. Dickson halved with W. Stephen and A. Dewar; G. R. Robertson and W. Scott beat W. MacKay and L. Stewart 7 and 6.

Guardian Trophy golfers 1974

Dundee team front: left to right D. McKillop; J. Neave; R. Smith (captain); L. H. Davidson; W. Carlyle. Standing: A. G. Duncan; A. Simpson; J. B. Snadel; E. McNab; G. Philip; A. Herd; J. O. Ogilvie; N. J. Duncan.

Guardian Trophy golfers winners 1974

Glasgow. front: W. Doodson; D. Cameron; W. Carlyle (captain); J. Young; G. Wilson. Standing are: George Grier; J. Gow; M. Houston; J. Green; A. Kirk; W. Dunn; W. B. Morrison.

Guardian Trophy golfers 1974

Perth front: R. B. Gillespie; R. Coles (captain); J. Robertson; A. Dewar; L. Stewart; W. MacKay. Standing are: C. McIntosh; B. R. grieve; J. Pattillo; S. Scott; A. Fraser; P. Lambie; L. Stephen.

Guardian Trophy golfers 1974

Edinburgh front: R. Kelly; A. D. Dickson; J. Christie (captain); R. Coyle; J. Malone; Standing are: G. R. Robertson; W. Scott; K. S. Graham; L. Robertson; J. T. Forrest; D. De Vries.


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