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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Weavers Inn.

415 London Road. Calton, corner of 131 Green Street, Glasgow. G40 1AG. Tel: 01415541573.


Weavers Inn

Weavers Inn. 1991.

An old hostelry dating back to the year 1776 sat on this site, it was called the "Old Herb Beer House," and was famous all over the city as the house where herb beer was first retailed along with alcoholic drinks.

In 1837 a licence was granted to a gentleman called Robert Marshall to sell porter & spirits. Mr Marshall was born and bred in the Calton and also stayed in the premises. In 1839 the licence was transferred to Mrs Marshall, the family ran this pub until 1847.

In 1893 a Mr Robert Cumming owned the premises and was a very successful businessman, he owned three other public houses in Glasgow one at 56 West Street, south side, 63 Stobcross Street and one at 15 Catherine Street, Anderston. Mr Cumming travelled daily from his home at 395 Eglinton Street by horse and cart and visited all four premises to make sure business was good, his daughter took over the licence in 1896.

In 1897 the licence was transferred to Mr Timothy Joseph Walls. These old premises were demolished around 1898 and a red sandstone building was erected on the same site with a tenement of flats above and a public house on the ground floor. Mr Walls continued business here in his new public house.

In the early 1900s the licence holder was a Mr Patrick Cassidy who also owned the Weeman's on the Gallowgate, he resided at 6 Montgomery Street, Bridgeton. In 1927 the address changed from 161 Great Hamilton Street to 415 London Road.

On 21/10/1969 Mrs Mary Birnie Storrie took over the licence, the Storrie's continued in the pub for many years. Many will remember this old pub as the Nationalist Bar, in the 1950s it was known as the Crystal Bar owned by Thomas O'Kane. Mr O'Kane sold the pub in the early 50s and took over a pub on Westmuir Street and renamed it O'Kane's Bar. The pub was then really small, he bought the adjacent shop to make a new lounge.

Today the pub is called the Calton Bar.

Calton Bar

The Calton Bar 2005.


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