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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Webster's Bar.

127 Norfolk Street corner of 1 South Coburg Street, Glasgow.

Large Gorbals Ward outing to Rothesay 1950s.

This large group of the Gorbals Ward outing to Rothesay. c late 1950s.

There has been licensed premises on this site since 1869. The first licensee was a gentleman called Hugh Wilson Hughes. Mr Hughes lived at 259 Main Street, Gorbals with his family and continued a licensee until 1872.

In 1873 Mr W Lyle Jeffrey took over the business. Mr Jeffrey lived at 103 Norfolk Street not far from his pub. His son Alexander Jeffrey took over as licensee in 1875. Alex also had a public house at 37 Watt Street known as Alex's Bar, many will remember this old pub as the Flyover Bar.

Gorbalds ward outing to Rothesay with James K Webster 1950s.

James K Webster on the far left with his wife, friends of the Gorbals Ward outing to Rothesay. c late1950s.

Alexander L Jeffrey continued as licensee until his death in the 1880s. His wife Mrs Christina I Jeffrey was the licence holder in 1885, she lived at Kyle Park, Uddingston. Christina paid an annual rent of £95 and also had Alex's Bar in Watt Street. Mrs Jeffrey was running the pubs until after the First World War.

wedding photo of Miss Rea Waid and groom Robert W Webster 1934.

This interesting West of Scotland Trade wedding from 1934. Includes the bride Miss Rea Waid, daughter of Mrs Waid of the Buck's Head Hotel, Strathaven, and the bridegroom Mr Robert W Webster, Glasgow. The bridesmaid is Miss Nan Waid and the best man H J Watt, trail-bearers are Miss Aileen Webster, niece of the groom and master T Waid MacPherson, nephew of the bride. The marriage took place in Shawlands Church, Glasgow.

Mr Robert W Webster started his career in the Scottish Licensed Trade in 1926 at 127 Norfolk Street. Robert was a keen member of the Gorbals Ward and served as secretary of that Ward. Mr Robert W Webster passed away in 1951.

James K Webster his son succeeded his father shortly after completing his Army service, but he had started to learn the trade under his father some 40 years ago. After taking over the licence, Mr Jame K Webster enthusiastically identified himself with the work of the Gorbals Ward serving for a period at its convener in 1960, being also then a director of the Glasgow Licensed Trade Association.

Mr James K Webster 1960.

Mr James K Webster. 1960.

James K Webster was appointed the new Convener of the Gorbals Ward Association in succession to Mr Frank Munro, who retired from the post. Mr Hugh Gallagher was the new Vice-convener and Mr Raymond McCrudden takes over the secretaryship. 1960.

Over the years Mr Webster his staff and customers have raised hundreds of pounds for charity including the Taximen's Sick Children's Outing Fund, Red Cross (Glasgow Branch) and many other charities.

image of Frank Munro and James K Webster 1960

Left is Mr Frank Munro and James K Webster 1960.

Committee members of the Gorbals Ward of Glasgow and District Licensed Trade Defence Association gathered in Sloan's Restaurant, Glasgow, to honour Mr Frank Munro on his retirement from the convenership of the ward association. With them were Mr Tom F Flynn, senior vice-president of the Glasgow Association, and Mrs Flynn.

On behalf of the Committee, Mr James J Webster, who becomes the new convener, presented a bag of golf clubs to Mr Frank Munro and paid tribute to his services to the Association. 1960.

Mr James K Webster 1961.

Mr James K Webster 1961.

This image of Mr Webster was taken at the Gorbals Halloween function in 1961. The Halloween dinner and dance of the Gorbals Ward of Glasgow District Licensed Trade Defence Association has been growing in popularity and in this years event was held at the Grosvenor Restaurant, Glasgow, proved a "sell out."

The top table party included Mr W B Gow, president of the Glasgow Association and immediate past president of the Scottish Association, and Mrs Gow; Mr Thomas F Flynn, a vice-president of both the Scottish and Glasgow Associations; and Mrs Flynn; Mr W B McDowall, secretary, Glasgow Association and Mrs McDowall; and Mr J S Goulding, of Robert Deuchar Ltd the principal guest.

Mr J K Webster, convener of the Gorbals Ward, and chairman of the function, welcomed the large company among whom he was pleased to see many representatives of the wholesale concerns. He paid tribute to his "very hard-working Committee," comprised of Messrs. Hugh Gallagher, vice-president, Raymond McCrudden, secretary, Peter Gallagher, M Heraghty, Sam Falconer, P McGovern and J Lundie.

group image of the Burns club with James K Webster and friends 1962.

Members of Trade personalities are seen in this group on the occasion of the annual Burns Supper of the Thistle Burns Club in the Grosvenor Restaurant, Glasgow.

Left to right in front row are: James K Webster, (Royalty Burns Club), D A MacLean, (president, Royalty); A M Loudon, (president, Thistle); R W B Eadie, (past president, Thistle); J Young (secretary, Thistle); J H Wylie, (vice-president, Royalty). The group also included, D McLean, M Haxton, A McAulay, W Myron, A E Meiklem, J McAulay, A E Kilgore, W Cockburn, J McIntosh.

image James Culligan P McGuire James K Webster 1963

left to right Mr James Culligan (Norfolk Arms), P McGuire, Mrs Bertha Sendall (Royal Restaurant) and James K Webster. 1963.

group image of Gorbals Ward 1965.

Left to right back row: Mr J Thom; M J Heraghty; N Douglass; Charles Sweeney; James K Webster.

Front row: P McGovern; Hugh Gallagher (Convener); Sam Falconer (Secretary); Raymond McCrudden (Vice Convener). 1965.

This image was taken at the Gala Night for the Gorbals Ward in 1965 at the Grosvenor. It was one of the most successful Halloween dances ever held by the Gorbals Ward Licensed Trade Association.

group image with James K Webster 1966.

Left to right Jack Baillie (from Guinness); John Hope (from MacKinlay -McPherson); Mrs J K Webster; Mrs John Hope; J K Webster and Cornelius Byrne, at the Gorbals Ward annual outing to Glendaruel, 1966.

image with Sam Folconer J K Webster

Left to right Sam Falconer, Mr & Mrs James K Webster and Michael J Heraghty 1968.

This image was taken at the retirement of James K Webster, at his premises. Webster's Bar was being taken over for redevelopment by the City Council. Mr Webster decided that it was a great oppertunity for him to retire from the trade. Sam Falconer handing over a wallet of notes to Mr Webster and Mr Michael Heraghty presenting a box of chocolates to Mrs Webster.



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