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Wine Sale in Edinburgh.

On the 18th April 1891, in Dowell's Rooms, Edinburgh, amongst other lots, was sold some very old wine, which had been removed from Ethie Castle, the Forfarshire seat of the Earl of Northesk. The castle, for a long time a ruin, is now undergoing repairs, and the wines were discovered in the course of the operations. They evidently belong to the last century. Two dozen and six bottles of old port made 52 shillings, and eight bottles of old port 54 shillings, from the Ethie Castle cellar; while from other sources we noticed eight bottles hock (1868 vintage) two bottles hock (1862 vintage) and three bottles hock 82 shillings; six bottles hock (1862 vintage) and ten bottles hock (1865 vintage) 110 shillings; one dozen and three bottles hock (1862 vintage) 84 shillings; three dozen champagne (1880 vintage, Watcher & Co,) and five magnums champagne (1880 vintage, Koch Fils) 155 shillings; seven dozen and eight bottles champagne (Pommery & Greno, 1884 vintage) 96 shillings.


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