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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


John MCCormick's Bar.

Harvie Lane, Greenock.


John McCormick conducted an extensive trade in Harvie Lane, Greenock. He was for many years vice-president of the local Trade Association and did good work on behalf of the Greenock Trade Defence Assiciation. Having been brought up in the Army there was a decided trait of the soldier about him, he was strict in the conduction of his business as a drill instructor is with his recruits, everything must be up to scratch and if not he would soon let the person know all about it.

In his pastime he would enjoy yachting at his leisure. You would always find him with a tidy little lunch, ready to give his friends a good day's outing during the summer months, he was a proud jolly businessman. The life and soal of the company, Mr McCormick was never happier than when he was doing a good turn to the less fortuate.











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