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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Molls Mire.

32 Polmadie Road, Glasgow. s.s.


The Molls Mire Bar, named after the local burn with the same name. Although not a very old pub, but many still remember it, possibly as it was a notorious bar, very rough and at nights, fighting men and young boys battled it out in the street, the local Police were never away from this den of iniquity. However it wasn't always like this, In 1960 William K Doak was the owner of the bar, nine years later well-known Glasgow publican Ian Kennedy took over the pub. Ian Kennedy and his family owned the Morven bars in Townhead and Edgefauld Road, Springburn.

The Molls Mire sat at the corner of Polmadie Road and 210 Wolseley Street in the south side of the city.

Ian Kennedy group photo 1970

Golfing Vintners' Big Night Out.

The Glasgow Vintners Golf Club's annual dinner and dance and presentation of prizes in the Eagle Lodge, Bishopbriggs, was a tremendous Success.

Pictured shows a group of prizewinners. from left Charles Sweeney, Arlington Bar (Captain's Prize); Jack Devlin, Oxford Bar (Cantrell & Cochrane Cup); John Boyle, Waverley Bar (Queen Anne Trophy); Tony Ferry, Alamo Bar, Paisley (Silver Stag and Club Championship); Hugh McLaughlin, Ascot Bar (Dunn & Moore Coronation Cup); Peter Smith Shedden's Bar (Skol Cup); Bill Martin, Calypso Bar (Vintner's Tankard); Eddie Smythe, Anvil Bar (The Younger Putter); Ian Kennedy Molls Mire (The Brady Trophy).

Molls Mire darts team 1965.

Darts team of the Molls Mire bar, Polmadie. 1965.

For the first time the coveted shield awarded to the championship in the southern darts league in Glasgow, has been won by the Molls Mire Bar, in Polmadie Road. The shield which has been held for several years by the Tirconnel Bar is now proudly displayed in the Molls Mire which they hold for a year. Included in the photo is Mr R. Smith, Mr T McDaid, Mr Sam McGinley, manager of the Molls Mire and Mr W K Doak proprietor. Do you know any of these men? if so please get in touch.


Do you remember the Molls Mire?

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