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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Old Eagle Inn.

351 Bank Street, Coatbridge. Ml5 1EJ. Tel: 01236 443357.


Old Eagle Inn. 2006.

The Old Eagle Inn. 2006.

The Eagle Inn was then owned by James Flannigan, he succeeded Thomas Mochrie. James did an extensive business, purveys largely for dinners and suppers. The Eagle was largely a commercial house, having a few bedrooms for the traveller, the imperial bird, emblematic of all that is powerful, adorns the entrance to the inn. There was a first-class billiard-room in the Eagle. On Monday evening on the 29th of February 1892, a supper and assembly was held to inaugurate the opening of a new hall in the Eagle, there was a good turn out of the trade and Bailie Lavell presided, with Mr H O'Hear as croupier, the following menu was had; Menu....

Fish. Dressed Cod with Oyster Sauce. Entrees, Stewed Pigeons with Wine sauce. Curried Prawns. Joints, Roast Mutton with Jelly, Roast Beef with Horse Radish sauce, boiled Tongue and spring chicken, Beef Steak Pie with Veg. Sweets, Truffles, Apple Souffle, Queen's Pudding, Paradise Pudding, Jelly and Lemon Sponge.


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