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Reilly's Bar.

180 Bank Street, Coatbridge. Ml5 3NX. Tel: 01236 440440.


The Royal Bar Bank Street Coatbridge

The Royal Bar. 2009.

This was formerly Rielly's Bar.

In the NEWS 1978...

The Royal Bar Bank Street Coatbridge 1978

Glen Carson (foreground) with members of the staff today outside the Royal Bar, Bank Street, Coatbridge 1978.


The Landlord of a prize winning pub, which lost its licence yesterday, is considering an appeal against the decision.

Glen Carson, a partner in the family-run Royal Bar in Bank Street, Coatbridge, said his lawyer was considering an appeal against the decision to revoke the licence taken at a special meeting of Monklands Licensing Board.


The pub lost its licence because police said it was a public nuisance, and a threat to public order and safety. The Royal Bar, which won a "Pub of the month" award from a Sunday newspaper, is the first pub in Scotland to lose its licence under the new Licensing Act.

The decision was taken after complaints from the public about fighting in the streets and under-age drinking. Glen Carson said today: "We are considering an appeal. The law states we can be held responsible for trouble on the streets from people who have been in the pub.


"But what the hell can we do if people go out and fight in the street?

"My father, Alex, took a heart attack after hearing about the complaints against us." Glen said the trouble was caused by young people leaving a dance hall on the top floor of the pub. The Carsons have now closed the dance hall and Glen said if they get their licence back the hall will be put to another use.

The Carsons own two other pubs, the Double A in Airdrie and the Old House in Whifflet. Mrs Jane McCafferty, of Blairgrove Court, Coatbridge, is one of the bar's regular customers. She said: "This is a drastic move. It is a beautiful pub and if it closes it will be sadly missed."


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