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Tennents Can's.

In the NEWS 1978...

Curvy 'Nip' that Japs will miss...

The 'Nip' has gone out of Scotland's top-selling lager, as far as Japanese men are concerned.

The shapely forms of Erica Greer, May Gartshore, and Marie Kirkwood decorate the famous Tennents Lager cans, but the Japanese have decreed that the filtration process the lager goes through to make is clear is illegal.

Tennents can Marie 1978 Tennents CanErica 1978

The girls from the Tennents cans May Gartshore and Erica Greer (above) and Marie Kirkwood (below) 1978.

So the Japs will miss out both on the girls, and the lager. Commander Julian Pearson, marketing director for Bass Export Ltd., explained: "We have been prevented from selling our famous lager to Japan because it is filtered through a chemical known as P.V.P.P.

"Minute traces of the chemical are left in the lager but they are most certainly not a health hazard. "We are working on the Japanese government with British Embassy with technical documents to prove that there is absolutely no health hazard involved in the process.

"The Japanese are, as we all know, extraordinarily protective about their own markets." The ban also applies to other bottles beers.

The Commander added, "We already export Tennent's Lager to 80 different markets throughout the world. "And it has proved popular in other parts of the Far East we are trying to break into the Japanese market."

Tennents can Marie 1978


In the NEWS 1979...

Lager Lovely 1979

Meet the five gorgeous girls who will be putting a sparkle in the eye of the nation's lager drinkers.

The five are the latest line-up of beauties to be canned by Tennent Caledonian.

Two of the girls have pub connections, model Fiona Best is daughter of a Paisley publican, and Michelle Lane is the wife of Alan Rough who ownes a pub in Glasgow.

Included in the lovely line-up apart from Michelle and Fiona are Glasgow models Linda McShane and Norma Murray. The fifth girl is English, Geraldine June will appear on the can as June.


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